Weeping Water’s Ken Heinz Featured in Recent Interview

WEEPING WATER, NE / ACCESSWIRE / March 11, 2021 / Ken Heinz was recently featured in an exclusive interview with Thrive Global. He primarily spoke about keeping healthy during retirement.

Ken Heinz of Weeping Water has 35 years of experience working in education. While he is now retired, he continues to direct a men’s choir and has become involved in more activities with his church.

In the interview, Heinz explained that getting back into a routine of setting time aside to exercise and stay active has been one habit that has had a positive impact on his life, as he said he fell out of routine when he retired.

He also shared a plethora of valuable advice for recent college graduates. He said to work hard, be patient, listen to others, be prepared to work your way up, don’t let others control you, pay it forward, find the good in people, get away from negativity, never give up, and finally, stay focused.

Further, he shared one of the biggest life lessons he has learned.

“Be kind, be giving and pay things forward. I honest to goodness believe in my heart that goodness begets goodness. It will give you the chance to really enjoy the things that you have, which are the blessings in life that come your way from giving to others,” said Ken Heinz of Weeping Water.

He also went into great detail about what he believes makes someone successful.

“In my mind, success is living a God-fearing life,” said Ken Heinz.

“I think that makes sense to most people. Success isn’t always having material things. It’s what happens inside and what you feel you can do for others that makes the difference.”

For more information, visit: ken-heinz.com.

About Ken Heinz

Ken Heinz is a retired education professional from Weeping Water, Nebraska. He holds an undergraduate degree in Music Education and Vocal Music Performance from Nebraska Wesleyan as well as a Master’s degree in Educational Administration at Kansas State University. He also earned his Doctorate from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and Lincoln. He spent a total of 35 years working in education in various different roles. Today, he continues to direct a men’s choir and has become involved in more activities with his church.


Ken Heinz

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