A Cloud Guru Opens Doors to Cloud Careers for Upcoming College & University Grads

AUSTIN, Texas, April 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A Cloud Guru (ACG), the leader in modern tech skills development for businesses and individuals, today announced that all students with an .edu, ac.uk, or .edu.au email address are eligible to save 50% on personal subscriptions to ACG’s comprehensive library of courses, hands-on labs, and sandbox environments in the most in-demand cloud infrastructures such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

“We founded A Cloud Guru to make tech education as accessible as possible, particularly to those who never felt that an IT career was a real possibility for them,” said Sam Kroonenburg, CEO and co-founder of A Cloud Guru. “By making our platform more accessible to the groups who need it most—starting with the thousands of students entering a competitive post-COVID job market—we’re giving all individuals equal opportunity to unlock a cloud career and learn the skills needed to help businesses thrive.”

ACG offers a wide breadth of in-depth courses spanning the three major cloud providers, Linux, and other open-source technologies like Kubernetes, Terraform, and more. With this offer, students will also be able to practice their skills in real-world environments through unlimited access to ACG’s 1,600+ hands-on labs.

“Now more than ever, enterprises need a talent pool that can navigate the cloud infrastructures integral to their business operations,” Kroonenburg continued. “With this program, we aim to contribute to closing the tech skills gap that’s hindering companies’ acceleration of cloud migration and maturity. Further, we strive to increase diversity in technology careers while reducing that same skills gap.”

To see if you qualify for the discount or want to activate your discount, visit https://get.acloudguru.com/students. To learn more about how ACG is helping individuals master the skills they need to drive their careers, visit https://acloudguru.com/solutions/individuals.

The discount is the first of many programs for groups who are historically excluded from the technology sector, including women and military veterans, reaffirming ACG’s commitment to democratizing the cloud.

About ACG
A Cloud Guru is driven by a simple mission — to teach the world to cloud. We believe people learn best by doing. That’s why our in-house cloud experts go to ridiculous lengths to design fresh, engaging, and hands-on learning tools that empower both individuals and organizations to stay ahead of the technology curve. As the world’s most comprehensive, hands-on, and effective platform for cloud learning, ACG has enabled more than 2 million learners and 4,000 organizations to achieve a brighter future.

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