Aberdeen Strategy & Research Ignites Data-Driven Business Outcomes

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Spiceworks Ziff Davis (SWZD) launched Aberdeen Strategy & Research to provide unparalleled insights into the business technology market. This experienced group of industry analysts and research professionals will expand SWZD’s market research, content marketing, and data intelligence offerings.

“Our goal is to help businesses make more informed technology purchase decisions by providing data-backed, outcome-centric information,” said Mike Lock, Managing Director and Principal of Aberdeen Strategy & Research. “Our team of seasoned analysts and research specialists draw on their market knowledge and primary research data to generate powerful content assets that resonate with technology buyers and influencers.”

Robin Peto, Managing Director of Aberdeen Strategy & Research added, “These assets enable clients to better understand their markets, their audience, and the competitive landscape to ultimately improve their marketing strategy. Simultaneously, they equip technology buyers with relevant information and a comprehensive view of what’s available in the market to facilitate good purchasing decisions. Only a few performance marketing vendors are positioned to take this strategic approach.”

Aberdeen Strategy & Research helps ignite business outcomes for clients who are building compelling B2B marketing campaigns. This group offers actionable knowledge through:

  • Industry analysts who understand buyers’ needs and the competitive landscape based on their real-world experience in:

    a. Technology (including analytics, big data, cloud and data center, IT security, and mobility)

    b. Operations (including enterprise resource planning and supply chain management)

    c. Customer and team engagement (including customer experience management and human capital management)
  • Custom insights and tailored assets, grounded in fact-based research

    a. Custom surveys to provide unique data points for written and graphical marketing assets as well as digital events

    b. Exclusive custom research programs to inform internal strategy (including testing product concepts, messaging, and audience profiling)
  • Research library housing an extensive collection of Aberdeen’s existing research-backed reports to enable tech marketers to spin up new campaigns quickly

“The Aberdeen Strategy & Research products stand on their own as valuable strategic tools for any technology company,” said Richard Jalichandra, Global Executive Vice President and General Manager of SWZD. “Yet, when combined with the programs of Spiceworks Ziff Davis, a tech marketer is armed with unparalleled value. Decision-makers and end-users need unbiased and vendor-agnostic information throughout the buying journey and place a higher emphasis on the trustworthiness of the source. So, while SWZD provides tech brands with intelligence-driven marketing solutions, Aberdeen provides human insights, addressing the need for credible, trusted perspectives in the business market. It’s truly a powerful recipe for success.”

Watch a video introduction of Aberdeen Strategy & Research and meet the Aberdeen Strategy & Research Analysts https://www.aberdeen.com/research/.

About Aberdeen Strategy & Research

Aberdeen Strategy & Research, a division of Spiceworks Ziff Davis, with over three decades of experience in independent, credible market research, helps illuminate market realities and inform business strategies. Our fact-based, unbiased, and outcome-centric research approach provides insights on technology, customer management, and business operations, to inspire critical thinking and ignite data-driven business actions. For more information, visit www.aberdeen.com.

About Spiceworks Ziff Davis

Spiceworks Ziff Davis (SWZD) is a trusted global marketplace that connects technology buyers and sellers with the most actionable and precise intent data. We are uniquely positioned to offer tech brands unmatched visibility into accounts that are truly in-market, by leveraging our scale, quality, and diversity of intent data. With unparalleled access to the world’s most influential technology buyers through a combination of first-party (e.g., Community, Tools, Editorial) and third-party intent data, SWZD is a leader in intent-backed, intelligent, omnichannel marketing. For more information, visit www.swzd.com.


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