Account Medical LLC Releases the New “On-Demand” Program for Employees During Emergencies

ANOKA, MN / ACCESSWIRE / April 22, 2021 / Account Medical has released to the world a superb program that will be the new face of safety for all employee emergencies, the “On Demand” program. “We are helping save lives, hands down,” says the owner David McDonald.

This new On-Demand software allows a company during an emergency, to quickly access an employee’s crucial personal emergency medical information. The On-Demand program utilizes QR Code technology and its own patented programming. This program provides immediate access to an employee’s emergency profile that displays critical information such as medical conditions, alerts, allergies, prescriptions, emergency contact information, and other vital details.

The software is most essential during emergencies or when an employee is in a non-responsive state. The program takes a further step so alerts can be made to that individual’s emergency contacts and primary care provider.

The On-Demand program’s installation process is quick and straightforward. A company completes a brief online registration page after which the company will get a welcome email. The email contains detailed instructions for accessing the company’s web link page and sign-in credentials. In addition, you get instructions to the On-Demand app downloads, how employees sign up, and are added to the company web link page.

This simplicity also reflects on the user’s side. You simply click on the On-Demand app where you immediately view your organization’s web link page that showcases a list of your employees’ names and their QR Codes. To view that individual’s personal emergency medical profile, you just need to tap on the QR code displayed next to their name. The On-Demand program also provides the ability to forward the profile to oncoming first responders or health care facilities as needed.

Account Medical is raising the bar with On-Demand programming.

Since time is critical in any emergency and with such an effective system like the On-Demand program, all companies can assist help saving the lives of their employees. On-Demand increases a much faster delivery of the right treatment regimen or first aid services during emergencies based on a patient’s medical profile. This profile information can also be forwarded to oncoming first responders.

For more information on Account Medical’s On Demand program and product demonstrations, check out how On Demand works.

About Account Medical:

Account Medical and programs like On Demand, is striving to significantly reduce the complexity and confusion linked with the maintenance and operation of health records industry. In addition, the company seeks to assist healthcare organizations in their productivity by significantly improving the accessibility of patients’ health records instantly, particularly during an emergency.

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