Aeropolis Capital Corporation Enters Partnership with Hawaiian Family Office, Rigil Kent, LLC

TORONTO, ON and HONOLULU, HI / ACCESSWIRE / April 12, 2021 / Aeropolis Capital Corporation (the “Company” or “Aeropolis Capital“), based in Toronto, Canada and Rigil Kent, LLC (“Rigil Kent” or “RK“), based in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States, are pleased to announce that they entered into a Partnership Agreement. The story originally appeared at Aeropolis Capital.

Rigil Kent is a Hawaiian family investment office and corporate advisory firm that provides capital, relationships to banks, credit unions, hedge funds, private equity firms, emerging fund managers, executives, principals, CEOs, and billionaire family offices. Rigil Kent works with a global network of FINRA-registered investment banks and private lenders who execute deals in a variety of industries ranging from finance to banking, insurance, and more.

Aeropolis Capital, as a global consultant to companies seeking to raise capital, is pleased to be partnered with Rigil Kent, as together the partnership can bring clients from around the world to have their goals realized more quickly, compliantly, and with more options.

Aeropolis Capital’s cloud-based Self-Serve Investment Bank™ consulting system is a market leader in offering investment banking as a turn-key automated system, helping companies solve multiple inefficiencies in the lower middle market capital raising processes.

Rigil Kent will integrate directly into Self-Serve Investment Bank™ at the software level as well as the business level, deepening Aeropolis Capital’s relationships to prominent capital market consultants, and bringing capital raising services to a higher level of transparency, compliance and predictability.

Aeropolis Capital has planned to increase its United States presence in early 2021 and is pleased to be able to work with Rigil Kent as a critical step in this process.

“Aeropolis Capital recognizes Rigil Kent as one of the leading family office and corporate advisory firms in the region,” said Aeropolis Capital Director of Product & Investing, Natu Myers. “We respect how complex it is to manage relationships and expectations amongst family offices and the larger service providers in the middle market investment banking sector. These relationships they have secured represent a substantial accomplishment on the path leading toward global democratization of top in class investment banking services. We are excited about working with Rigil Kent on several opportunities in the immediate future.”

“Rigil Kent is pleased that Aeropolis Capital has created and implemented a fast, efficient, and innovative way to bring Rigil Kent’s private commercial loan program to the market. Their expanding influence and reach has been beneficial and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them” said Managing Partner of Rigil Kent, Tyler James Ferguson.

About Rigil Kent

Since 2005, Rigil Kent has specialized in providing consulting services for firms that build long term relationships and innovative financial products through exclusive investment banking systems. Our structure is flexible across project finance, business funding, syndicated financing for lenders, and subscription-based financing for investment managers. Rigil Kent maintains a vast network of registered broker-dealers and family offices throughout North America.

About Aeropolis Capital

Aeropolis Capital is a global boutique corporate advisory firm and inventor of Self-Serve Investment Banking™ which is a self-sovereign, turn-key system that helps companies raise $1m to $100m with high predictability.

Our team is a market leader in offering strategic components of lower middle market investment banking as a turn-key automated system.

This turn-key solution helps companies get “institution-ready,” ensures their capital-raising campaigns are quicker and more effective from all aspects ranging from compliance to cost-saving deal-structure and innovative capital raising structures. combined with a rapidly expanding global presence with joint venture partnerships already.

Aeropolis Capital as a corporate consultant works with a global network of investment bankers and will become an exempt market dealer in Canada (see our note of forward-looking statements and other terms here)

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