Agravitae Debuts Masterfully Cultivated Graviola-Infused Luxury Health, Wellness, and Skincare Products

TUSTIN, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 20, 2021 / Agravitae, an industry-leading formulator and marketer of graviola-infused luxury health, wellness, and skincare products, today announced the worldwide launch of the Agravitae brand and the debut of the first of its comprehensive holistic product lines.

Next-Generation Luxury Health and Wellness Products Formulated to Exceed Expectations of Health-Conscious Consumers Everywhere

Agravitae is pioneering the use of the superfruit graviola in a wide range of health and beauty offerings, beginning with a complete line of graviola-infused skincare products. High in B vitamins and antioxidants, graviola encourages the production of collagen in the skin, contributing to increasing skin firmness. Agravitae’s vegan, plant-based skincare line is sulfate, fragrance, gluten, GMO and cruelty free. Combining revolutionary plant extracts such as soothing and skin-balancing meadowfoam seed oil, electric daisy, and the vitamin C powerhouse kakadu plum, with powerful beauty boosters including plant-based vegan collagen, hyaluronic acid, and retinol, Agravitae’s skincare line stands to shake up the skincare world with its unique approach to nourishment and rejuvenation.

In collaboration with world-renowned scientists and product formulators, Agravitae is currently hard at work expanding its product offerings beyond the realm of skincare and into other graviola-infused health and wellness products.

Graviola: A Powerful Antioxidant

Also known as soursop and Brazilian pawpaw, graviola is a remarkable superfood that has long been used in traditional medicine around the world, particularly in Asia and South America. Agravitae’s exclusive cultivator has mastered the art and science of consistently producing world-class, masterfully cultivated graviola ready to be processed and infused into Agravitae’s commercially formulated, high-end products.

Agravitae: Where Agriculture, Graviola, and a Grateful Life Come Together with World-Class Leadership to Create Truly Transformational Products

“The launch of Agravitae represents the culmination of a lifetime of work and the realization of a lifelong dream,” said Mr. Owen, Chairman of Agravitae. “The ‘Agravitae’ name speaks to our desire to combine pristine agriculture, the incredible potential of graviola as a health and wellness ingredient, and perhaps most importantly, the recognition and appreciation of the meaning of ‘vitae’, an expression of a grateful life. I truly believe that a grateful life is what has been given to me to share with and enrich the lives of others. Thanks to our hard work, we are now ready to do so through the debut of Agravitae and the healing potential of graviola.”

Mr. Owen leads Agravitae with the experience of a 30-plus year business career highlighted by award-winning, high-volume sales and revenues for a wide variety of companies. He most recently spent the last several years as a land development specialist and as an astute investor who raises capital for small to mid-sized companies. Mr. Owen is devoted to living a healthy and fit lifestyle, which is why he is excited about the health benefits of graviola.

Working alongside Mr. Owen is Evan Matzner, Agravitae’s Chief Operating Officer – an entrepreneurial, visionary developer and project leader who has been instrumental in bringing Agravitae from concept to reality.

“Everything I’ve learned and achieved over the course of my 35-year career has been brought to bear for the benefit of Agravitae, and its people, products, and consumers,” said Mr. Matzner. “Our highest intention is to provide superior quality, farm-sourced using regenerative agriculture, plant-based nutrients in our graviola-infused products, extracted with leading-edge science to ensure the very best graviola nature has to offer. Agravitae nurtures the mind, body and spirit with the fruits of our harvests.”

About Agravitae

Agravitae is an innovative formulator and marketer of graviola-infused luxury health, wellness, and skincare products. Utilizing a truly holistic product development approach that is steeped in tradition, seeded in science, and motivated by a belief that true health is living in harmony with nature’s law, Agravitae’s nutrient dense, graviola-infused products are now available to consumers everywhere.

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