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BERGEN COUNTY, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / April 19, 2021 / As e-commerce sales continue to rise, third-party sellers are seeking ways to compete for their share of the more than $280 billion in annual sales generated through To meet this growing need, e-commerce expert Robert Del Grande who has years of third-party Amazon sales experience together with other high-profile sellers, founded, a company that offers a full suite of services to simplify the customer interaction, accounting, and distribution hurdles many third-party sellers face when working with the legendary e-commerce giant. offers a hands-off, done-for-you e-commerce solution for prospective third-party sellers. Since third-party sellers account for over 54% of the sellers on Amazon, Del Grande designed an e-commerce management system that promises to streamline the process for those individuals and business owners.

Del Grande notes, “The world has already proven that online businesses are the future, and getting started with a company who can grow an online business for you eliminates the learning curve and allows business owners to understand the power of online businesses without all of the complications.” works to make the online marketplace accessible for businesses who are looking to expand their sales growth but who may be intimidated by the red tape and vast scope of managing a successful online sales platform through Amazon. They relieve clients of the duties of managing the day-to-day hassles of a successful and responsive online sales business, and clients can stay on top of daily and monthly transactions through a personalized Client Customer Service Portal.

Clients can expect to benefit from’s expertise in ensuring Amazon account health and reinstatements, and existing clients report that’s aggressive e-commerce sales tactics make a real difference to their bottom line.

Although their client portfolio continues to expand (with a goal to increase managed accounts by 30% in 2021), currently reports annual gross sales figures of over ten million dollars. The robust growth of this company stems, in part, from its partnerships with private wholesalers and thousands of Dropship suppliers, which ensures that all products are shipped with the expediency that Amazon buyers have come to expect.

Although brick-and-mortar storefronts may be struggling in the global e-commerce economy, online sales continue to thrive. According to Del Grande, “People keep buying, and we keep selling. 2021 is a year of growth.” To help with the ongoing e-commerce revolution, takes on the responsibility of product research, order placement, business bookkeeping, customer service, and ensuring the business can scale up as demand for its products increases. They also offer 24/7 client support and are known for building quality customer and client relationships.

As part of an upfront capital contribution fee, works with each client to develop a detailed success plan that is executed with precision in order to provide a consistent monthly profit for their clients. With the day-to-day business management taken off their hands, all clients have to do is set up is a business license (LLC) and a business bank account, as well as provide adequate funds to ensure order fulfillment. This structure allows the client to own and run a hands-off sales business while leveraging the expertise, product research, and financial management of the team.

Some of the specific aspects of the Amazon third-party sales process that manages for clients include mastering and maintaining account health, which Amazon determines by assessing customer service performance, shipping speed accuracy, and length of time in business. In addition,’s software includes API algorithms that cross-reference existing inventory from suppliers with what customers are seeking, and, to top it all off,’s CPAs and auditors work to ensure all sellers are compliant with Amazon policies and the Federal Trade Commission. offers these services to both Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) sellers by setting up a profit share agreement. A typical agreement involves a split of 60% profit to the client and the remaining 40% to When clients compare this profit share with the cost and time involved in running a similar business without the expertise and support of an industry leader like, they will find it easy to appreciate inventory management, monthly profit reports, tax exemption support, tracking code uploading, order fulfillment (including refunds and returns), and accounting services that provides.

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