An AI Service Dismantles Film Awards Through Crowd’s Choice

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AICuratedCrowdData–Did you know that there are over 5,300 film awards worldwide? Every year, the film industry celebrates itself by handing out the most coveted awards; however, they are too carefully controlled and cultivated by critics. What grants them the right to do so? Who are they really speaking for?

These small groups of industry observers give themselves the authority by arbitrarily categorizing and evaluating films. Although they have an outsized influence on the results, their criteria are quite opaque. In existing film festivals, not only are the types of movies reviewed limited, but the categories awarded seem rather contrived.

These awards need to be shaken up.

Maimovie is an AI-driven movie search and recommendation service that challenges the limitations of the current ranking system. Rather than complying with what has already been established, Maimovie presents over 12,000 Awards from the crowd that guarantee comprehensiveness and impartiality. It allows users to discover and define their own taste in movies, giving the power of choice back to the people. Maimovie recognizes every user’s taste and expression to display the most transparent and diversified ranking of its own. For 2021 People-Powered Film Awards, Maimovie selected 1,050 different award categories that best reflect entertainment trends from AI-curated crowd data.

The most prestigious artistic awards use words like “best” and “masterpiece” to honor outstanding achievements, but these terms are never defined. Whether a “masterpiece” means a film that “lasts forever,” a “timeless classic” or a “visual extravaganza” depends on what each individual deems important. The beauty of cinema is the freedom to be expressive and the room for endless interpretations, and Maimovie acknowledges that. Thus, the service breaks down each category into countless tastes to strive for transparency in the journey of democratizing existing film awards.

Maimovie makes this possible with AI Keytalk, a system that learns various tastes and contexts from social data to adhere to individuals’ preferences. With Maimovie, users are empowered to discover movies and express their opinions, which are then fed back into the system for continuous enhancement. Maimovie aims to enhance and redefine the movie-viewing experience, while shedding light on overlooked films.

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