Announcing the Upcoming Launch of the ‘Jesus God – Jesus Man’ Feature Film

The Movie, Which Will Be Adapted from the Feature Film Script of the Same Name, Tells the Story of What Jesus Was Like and What He Was About

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 28, 2021 / Goldie Smitlener, the creator of the “Jesus God – Jesus Man” feature film script, is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of the movie of the same name. The movie adaptation will show an in-depth version of what Jesus was like and what He was about.

As Smitlener noted, she conducted a great deal of research in order to write a truthful and real story about Jesus that would be appealing to the general public. As a self-described simple woman with a simple faith that is easy for her to understand and practice, Smitlener was inspired to tell the story of Jesus in a way that would encourage people to love one another.

She also wanted to create a project that would inspire giving and sharing, while also solving the problem of people wanting to judge each other.

Smitlener’s script has already attracted a great deal of positive attention, including nominations and selections from film festivals. For instance, she received a Certificate of Excellence from the 8th Annual Kolkata Short International Film Festival in 2019 as well as an award from Creation Spring 2019 International Film Festival for Best Screenplay.

While Smitlener was grateful and humbled to have won these awards, entering the script into festivals did require her to shorten her original work, as organizers of these events will typically only accept films with fewer pages.

Now, Smitlener is working to transform her feature film script for “Jesus God – Jesus Man” into a contemporary movie adaptation that will showcase never before seen storylines about Jesus. The upcoming film, which is currently the subject of a fundraiser on Kickstarter, will portray Jesus in His human nature that the audience will easily be able to relate to.

“The film will be shot in Israel, the Mediterranean and Canada, so viewers should expect amazing sceneries, coupled with excellent production,” Smitlener said, adding that it will also contain easily understandable religious teaching.

“These religious teachings are very essential as they help one gain knowledge of spiritualism. This way, everyone, believers and non-believers alike, will learn a thing or two about spiritualism and can relate it with the happenings of the world.”

About Jesus God – Jesus Man:

“Jesus God – Jesus Man” is a feature film script that was created by Goldie Smitlener of Vancouver, Canada. The script, which is being adapted into a movie, tells the story of Jesus as a very real human being.

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