Arch-Moxion Partnership Integrates VFX and Production Teams, Improves Efficiency and Bottom Lines

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Arch Platform Technologies is pleased to announce its partnership with Moxion to help integrate VFX and production teams, increasing efficiency and lowering costs. Now Arch and Moxion users can perform VFX reviews, provide feedback, and give approvals in real-time.

Arch is the first technical integration partner for Moxion, the award-winning in-the-cloud platform for film and TV professionals who want content review from any location. “Moxion is delighted to partner with Arch to deliver an even more powerful service in cloud-based content creation for professional movie-makers,” says Moxion’s CEO Hugh Calveley.

The Arch-Moxion integration partnership helps filmmakers save time, reduce costs regardless of budget level, expand their creativity, and work cohesively regardless of geographies. Critical in today’s remote work environment, Arch allows users to spin up an entire digital content creation facility on AWS from anywhere in the world in just minutes.

“Moxion offers unparalleled quality. Their online review pipeline is brilliant,” says Edward Churchward, CTO of Arch Platform Technologies. “Our partnership allows VFX teams, production teams, and directors to synchronize notes and approve changes for VFX without taking any data out of the cloud, reducing the iterative cycle while maintaining data security.”

The Arch Platform studio-in-the-cloud offers an end-to-end workflow solution from ingest and project management to review and delivery, so there is no need to shuttle around data or drives for review and approval. The Arch Platform securely orchestrates a multitude of AWS services and uses Teradici Cloud Access Software, which streams pixels—but not data—to end-users for added security.

For its part, Moxion offers a range of features around filmmaking workflow, including ultra-secure screeners and asset sharing. This integration partnership demonstrates why more studios and TV networks are choosing Arch and Moxion as their platform of choice.

For example, last year, amid the pandemic lockdown, Solstice Studios released its first movie, “Unhinged,” starring Russell Crowe. Solstice’s VFX team was in Vancouver, the AWS hub in Oregon, and the production team in Hollywood. The Arch Platform, leveraging AWS, made it easier for Solstice to increase its VFX capacity, and Moxion allowed for simultaneous VFX reviews by studio creatives and the creation of proxy versions for editorial teams to cut into the film. This saved critical time as the release date was moved up. As a result of using the Arch Platform with Moxion, the studio accelerated its production process by 10 weeks and reduced its visual effects costs by 65%.

“The ‘Unhinged’ case study highlights the benefits of this partnership,” says Laura Teodosio, CEO, Arch Platform Technologies. “Through this partnership, Moxion users can now engage with VFX teams directly—all within a secure environment that many studios already use for dailies.”

About Arch Platform Technologies

Founded in 2016, Arch Platform Technologies is a leading provider of cloud-based infrastructure for visual effects, post-production, virtual production and other collaborative creative endeavors. The Arch Platform packages together a complete solution—workstations, rendering, storage, and pipeline, providing users with easy access to flexible resources. Scale up or down, pay as you go, and create without boundaries. For more information, visit

About Moxion

Established in 2015, Moxion helps professional film and TV content makers tell better stories. They are the world’s leading camera-to-cloud content platform, led by their pioneering, multi-award-winning Moxion Immediates™ instant dailies service. This heads up a range of highly secure media pipeline services, including live asset review and conferencing. For more information, visit


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