Buy Directly From Kamikoto to Access Special Pricing Offers Across Their Entire Product Line of Professional-Grade Knives

The acclaimed Japanese online knife retailer is proud to announce industry-leading value for purchase spanning their whole catalogue of handmade, exquisitely crafted blades.

TOKYO, JAPAN / ACCESSWIRE / April 16, 2021 / Kamikoto Ltd. is pleased to announce that each of their many sets and models of traditionally made, masterfully crafted knives is accompanied by special pricing offers on the company’s official website: In fact, every one of Kamikoto’s professional-grade knife sets provides superior cost-to-quality ratio thanks to Kamikoto’s Direct-to-Consumer business model. Adding further value, a limited lifetime guarantee is included automatically with every purchase of a Kamikoto knife or knife set. The celebrated blade manufacturer routinely runs seasonal discount campaigns on its website, as well.

This industry-leading value for purchase is made possible through Kamikoto’s adoption of a business model based on selling its products directly to chefs, food professionals, and knife enthusiasts exclusively online, thereby bypassing middlemen such as importers and distributors who drive prices higher by adding their own markups. Kamikoto stubbornly refuses to work with faceless big box retailers due to their tendency to raise prices on its products in order to bolster their own bottom lines. In short, by selling directly to customers online, Kamikoto Ltd. offers world-class knives at wholesale rates while also ensuring that its ambitiously high standards of customer service are met at all times.

Kamikoto Ltd. was founded on the bedrock principles of high-quality craftsmanship, observance of old-world traditions, and attention to detail. Each of their knives is fashioned from genuine Japanese Honshu steel and put through a meticulous, nineteen-step process passed down through generations which requires several years to complete from beginning to end. The result of this rigorous and systematic application of ancient blade making techniques are knives boasting exceptional sharpness, hardness, precision, durability, and resistance to corrosion.

“You can feel the precision and old tradition of knife making simply by holding these knives in your hand”, writes Slade Rushing, former executive chef at New Orleans’ legendary Brennan’s Restaurant, now executive chef at Louie, an upscale boutique eatery located in the Covent Garden portion of London’s West End. Reflecting further on the Kamikoto product line, he adds, “(t)he weight and balance of these knives are perfectly designed as they truly feel like an extension of your hand with every razor-sharp cut.” With glowing testimonials like this, it’s easy to understand why Kamikoto was comfortable selling its knives directly, without appearing on department store shelves, relying exclusively on an online sales model, and passing the resulting savings on to customers.

About Kamikoto:

Kamikoto Ltd. is a company based in Tokyo, Japan whose sole purpose is to produce knives of unrivalled quality. Drawing on the rich legacy of blade work that is deeply rooted in Japanese culture, Kamikoto set out to develop single bevel steel knives that would be celebrated by the world’s foremost chefs, food professionals, and ardent knife enthusiasts alike as the finest in production today, bar none. In seeking to accomplish this lofty goal, the company sought the wisdom of modern knife making specialists, as well as blacksmithing families whose generational expertise can be traced back through many centuries. This accrued wealth of knowledge, combined with Kamikoto’s strict policy of using only the highest-quality Japanese Honshu steel, has culminated in the fulfillment of the company’s original vision.

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Tsuyoshi Inagaki
Client Relationship Manager
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