Chris Lamb is Pleased to Announce He is Featured in a New Online Article on Building Relationships in the Real Estate Industry

The successful realtor and property developer recently lent his perspective to a real estate advice column where he is cited as an expert on networking and community building.

NIAGARA FALLS, ON / ACCESSWIRE / April 16, 2021 / Niagara Falls-area realtor Chris Lamb is proud to bring the public’s attention to a new online article where he is lauded as an authority on building relationships in the Niagara Falls real estate sector. The article, which was published on April 7, 2021, is featured on an online news aggregator specializing in financial and economic matters.

The piece begins with an introduction to Chris Lamb, explaining that he has accumulated a great deal of experience developing property in Niagara Falls. It goes on to give a comprehensive definition of property development itself, noting that it can encompass everything from buying and selling land to converting the usage of land to home renovations, and explaining that that the term can apply to commercial holdings as well as residential real estate.

The article proceeds to describe exactly why building relationships within the community is such an integral part of the process. “Relationships with those in the community help prospective clients understand the area as well as the neighbourhood itself,” Chris Lamb opines, elaborating that buyers almost always have an active interest in the news and events of any locality they might choose to live in. “When real estate professionals have a positive reputation in the community, more people are willing to trust them with future development plans,” Chris explains. In short, when realtors participate in the community it’s not only beneficial on its face, but also good for business.

Regarding relationships that are based on something more than simple community engagement, Chris lays down some rules inherent to the profession. “Certain relationships are disclosed to the buyer. If a real estate agent is related to the seller, this will be stated up front,” he says, adding, “transparency is crucial when demonstrating trust in the market.”

Chris, who was recently interviewed in detail about his career by an online periodical aimed at entrepreneurs, then outlines some modern techniques for building relationships. On the usefulness of social media in streamlining community interaction, Chris muses that “multiple conversations can be conducted online, cutting time in half while welcoming new people into the orbit (pf a realtor).” He also highlights some more traditional avenues for community participation, asserting, “networking can also be accomplished through the local art scene or community sport.”

He concludes the piece by mentioning that it’s important to remember that building relationships “is not only about searching for investment opportunities,” but also about meeting and connecting with people “who may have differing opinions and interesting new ideas.”

To learn more about Chris Lamb and read the article in its entirety, people can link to it directly or visit his personal website.

About Chris Lamb:

Chris Lamb is a property developer and investor with a passion for helping people. After graduating from Brock University with a bachelor’s degree in political economy, Chris enrolled in Niagara College where he earned a postgraduate degree in international business management. Presently, he works at Revel Realty, a real estate agency based in Niagara Falls, Ontario. A first-generation builder, Chris Lamb made a career in the real estate industry because of his long-time interest and enthusiasm for constructing affordable housing and building sustainable communities.

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Chris Lamb
Realtor and Property Developer, Revel Realty
Phone: 905-329-3280

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