Classy Canine Clips: 5 Benefits of Using a Professional Grooming Concierge for Your Pets

CAPE CORAL, FL / ACCESSWIRE / April 23, 2021 / Your furry friend’s nails have been scratching you, they need a bath and their hair is getting too long. You know what that means. It’s time to book a grooming appointment.

Booking consistent grooming appointments not only benefits your pet, it benefits you too. Life gets busy, and you may be thinking- I don’t have time to take my pet in for regular grooming appointments. DId you know that just the same as you can have a concierge doctor come to your house, your pet can have a concierge groomer?

Although typically far more affordable than a concierge doctor, a concierge professional groomer is a good fit for many pets and their pet parents. Whether you are working from home, too busy with not enough time to take your pet into a groomer, or trying to avoid contact with others due to the current pandemic, the house call option may work best for you. When it comes to your furry family member, depending on their personality, they very well may also prefer to be pampered in their home. Being in a familiar place, the home often calms the nerves of anxious pets and it can prove to be a better experience over all.

There are so many benefits to utilizing the expertise of a professional house call groomer. Along with the previously stated, they are also flexible with their work environment. Concierge groomers are able to set up in your home, garage, outside patio, or virtually anywhere with enough room to groom your pets. Almost everything required to complete the groom is provided, except for some towels, water, and power. With no age, size, temperament restrictions, Classy Canine Clips, in particular, is ready to take care of your pet and all of their grooming needs.

Here are the 5 main benefits of hiring a concierge grooming professional for your furry friend:

1. You won’t have to leave your home. With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging on over a year later, your pets grooming routine may have become a second thought in your household. Take back the control by hiring a concierge groomer. Many people don’t realize that a groomer coming to their home is even an option, but it is! With more and more people finding themselves working from home now, the groomer can just come, groom their pet, and leave, saving them money and time. The way the world has changed over the past year and will continue to change, concierge services for your furry family member will continue to prove convenient.

2. It is good for your pet, on the outside. Grooming maintains a healthy coat and skin. Humans always say: when you look good, you feel good. Well this can also apply to your pets! Everytime you take your furry friend to a professional groomer, the better health their coat and skin will be in. Why is this? Because washing and brushing their fur helps to remove dead skin, dirt and anything else sitting on their bodies. It also helps to spread the natural oils over their coat which makes it shiny. Regular nail trims reduce discomfort. When your dog’s nails grow too long, it can be uncomfortable for them to walk on. This can alter the way they walk, which can lead to issues like arthritis and bad posture. A regular grooming appointment can reduce the likelihood of these issues and reinforce healthy posture and walking habits for your dog.

3. It is good for your pet, on the inside. Regular visits may result in early detection of health issues. Health is wealth. As you bring your pet to professional groomers regularly, they will become familiar with them. They will be able to spot any abnormalities that develop. These include any bumps or lumps that could be a result of a serious condition. Regular visits with a grooming professional means earlier detection of serious health problems.

4. Your pet will look and smell great. When you book regular grooming appointments, it establishes a routine that will maintain your dog’s hygiene. With each visit, your groomer will clean and brush away dead skin and buildup that contributes to how good or bad your dog smells. Of course you don’t want a smelly dog walking around your house! So, schedule those regular appointments. Your pet as well as your nose will thank you.

5. Your pet is being pampered by licensed groomers. Believe it or not, groomers at your local grooming salon might not be licensed. The truth is, the grooming industry is not well-regulated. In many salons, there are groomers who don’t necessarily have the proper certification to take care of your canine. How is this possible? Dog groomers do not have to be licensed with the state or show any credentials to do their job.

But there is no reason to fear! There are certified groomers out there who are happy to treat your furry friend with the utmost care and professionalism. Be sure to do additional research to see if your local groomer has certifications and licenses to do their job.

Get Professional Grooming Services with Classy Canine Clips
Vivian Thornton is a Certified Professional Groomer with over 7 years of experience. Her love for working with animals started when she was 16 years old. She worked at an animal hospital and later worked in a grooming salon as a dog bather. After taking a job in the hospitality industry for a little while, Thornton realized that her true passion was working with animals, so she decided to commit.

One day, she reached out to her connections on social media and offered to groom animals for free. After seeing an overwhelming amount of positive responses, she decided to start Classy Canine Clips, a grooming concierge service. Classy Canine Clips welcomes all breeds of dogs for whatever services they need. Whether your pet needs a nail trim, ear cleaning or a bath, they’ve got you covered.

Her passion for serving animals is what motivates her to continue her grooming education. With 16 certificates and plans to become a certified pet esthetician, she has set herself a part from those who are unlicensed in the industry. Thornton plans to continue serving more animals in and around the Fort Mill area in South Carolina. She’s also looking forward to entering into grooming competitions with her dog Kimber in the future.

If you’re in need of exceptional grooming services for your furry friend, visit Classy Canine Clips’s website to find their services, grooming gallery and 5-star ratings. Follow Classy Canine Clips for more updates on Instagram or Facebook.

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