COVID-19 Testing: Grapefruit Testing Bringing Best-In-Class Tests to Schools & Organizations

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / April 16, 2021 / Many players have come into the COVID-19 return-to-work space. Large name public entities to local labs are all involved in seemingly one way or another with testing operations. Grapefruit Testing sticks out among them all-and not just for the sleek name. Founded by first responders ranging from COVID-19 researchers to public health physicians, the Grapefruit Testing team is working with thousands of individuals to facilitate a safe return to in-person operations. Leveraging partnerships with AI integrations to automate state reporting of results, robust logistical build-out, and deep experience among their team, Grapefruit is gaining impressive traction in the space: they have grown by more than 400% in March of 2021 alone.

The president of the company, Christopher Gaeta, shares that this is attributed to their approach. “When it comes to partnerships, COVID-19 testing is not something that you just dropship tests and hope for the best. It takes a robust team effort to coordinate. We have assembled arguably a team of the most seasoned frontline providers on the east coast with evidence-based testing strategies. The balance of pragmatic and public health-conscious testing is something we really take seriously. We offer PCR and rapid on-site testing with 24/7 physician oversight for all of our partners. The tests, team, and policies are all best-in-class, but beyond this, we take that a step further. Through the use of CARES Act legislation, we have partnered with hundreds of stakeholders, and through the thousands of tests that we have overseen, not a single partner has been required to pay us a dime.”

Grapefruit Testing aims to serve the community at large and keep everyone safe as society transitions into the “new normal.” Be it helping locals, small business owners operate again by testing their employees, or assisting large international organizations to resume business operations without having to worry about a possible outbreak within the company, Grapefruit Testing is always prepared to lend a hand.

With the logistical complexities that come with COVID-19 testing, Grapefruit Testing had to develop a solution wherein they would be ready to handle every possible situation. Hence, the company only welcomed some of the most qualified medical professionals who would be flexible and innovative enough to handle different situations. “We consult with every partner that we bring on with an expert team of infectious disease, public health, and frontline responder specialists,” shared Christopher Gaeta.

Furthermore, Grapefruit Testing has established partnerships with laboratories across the country, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. The company’s round-the-clock telehealth system can cater and provide PCR tests to anyone across the country, bringing with it a team of professionals who have been trained specifically for combatting COVID-19.

The company has since expanded its outreach from January 2021 to assist with testing operations across the country from California to Maine. They specialize in school, summer camp, corporate, and event testing that is augmented by thorough recommendations on best practices for their partners. Gaeta explained that they “take the headache out of testing” and partner with organizations to get them back to pre-COVID operations safely and effectively.

To learn more about Grapefruit Testing, visit its website.

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