DataLocker’s SafeConsole Suites Add Gold Support, Powerful Data Protection Features to Encrypted Drives

OVERLAND PARK, Kan.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–DataLocker, Inc., a leading provider of encrypted storage solutions, today announced the release of two new suites, the SafeConsole Professional Suite and the SafeConsole Enterprise Suite. The new suites add key endpoint security and enterprise support features to a single purchase, and at a substantial savings to customers.

“SafeConsole has long been the industry standard for businesses to remotely manage encrypted USB devices and manage USB port access,” says Jay Kim, CEO and Founder of DataLocker. “As SafeConsole has become increasingly more sophisticated, and with the addition of new products and top-tier support options to the SafeConsole platform, we knew it was time to streamline how our customers purchased and used it. Enterprise customers in particular have specific needs that we wanted to address. These new SafeConsole Suites give our customers everything they need in a much more cost-effective solution, plus valuable new features.”

Today, SafeConsole customers have access to four products, each focused on addressing a key problem with data security at the endpoint:

  • SafeConsole DeviceControl™ – Remotely provision, configure, manage, and audit your fleet of encrypted USB drives, while also unlocking powerful additional security features for SafeConsoleReady™ drives.
  • SafeConsole PortBlocker™ – Ensure that all of your workstation USB ports are secured, so only approved USB devices can be used, when and where you define.
  • SafeConsole Anti-Malware – Deploy McAfee® Anti-Malware on your SafeConsoleReady™ encrypted devices to scan files on secure USB drives, remove or quarantine malware threats, and report information back to SafeConsole.
  • SafeConsole SafeCrypt™ Store and secure data in an encrypted virtual drive that you can deploy on a device or in the cloud.

With SafeConsole Suites, DataLocker customers two new options for purchasing these products while adding Gold support and enterprise features not available outside of the suites.

  • SafeConsole Professional includes SafeConsole DeviceControl plus SafeConsole Anti-Malware, SafeConsole PortBlocker, and Gold Support. SafeConsole Professional requires a minimum of 100 endpoints.
  • SafeConsole Enterprise includes everything in SafeConsole Professional plus SafeCrypt and robust enterprise-focused features like REST API access, support for web-based SSO, SIEM external logging integration, and ZoneBuilder (an easy way to rapidly build and maintain network and workstation whitelists). Since SafeConsole is available as an on-prem or cloud-based solution, SafeConsole Enterprise also allows for custom geographic server location, multi-region high availability, and unlimited user audit logs. SafeConsole Enterprise requires a minimum of 250 endpoints.

DataLocker also provides a line of secure encrypted drives, ranging from small, portable USB sticks to large capacity external solid-state drives that meet the most stringent security and compliance requirements.

Learn more about SafeConsole Suites and the full line of DataLocker products at

About DataLocker

DataLocker is a world leader in encryption solutions. With over 35 patents, their technology is at the heart of almost every encrypted hardware and software solution in the market. Their award-winning product line includes everything from encrypted hardware and cloud storage to remote device management. They’re proud to be used by two-thirds of Fortune 100 companies as well as by security and military agencies at the highest levels of the Federal Government. Their products combine convenience with usability and state-of-the-art security to give users a “Simply Secure experience.


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