GB Sciences and Purisys Announce Preferred Supplier Relationship to Advance Cannabinoid-Containing Pharmaceuticals

Purisys will supply ultra-high purity cannabinoids for use in GB Sciences’ cannabinoid-containing, optimized therapeutic mixtures (OTM).

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / April 20, 2021 / GB Sciences, Inc. (OTCQB:GBLX) and Purisys, LLC, the global industry leader in ultra-high purity, pharmaceutical grade cannabinoid supply, today announced that GB Sciences has selected Purisys as their preferred vendor for the active pharmaceutical ingredients (“APIs”) used in formulating GB Sciences’ proprietary, cannabinoid-containing, optimized therapeutic mixtures (OTM).

CBD Molecule-GB Sciences

“To achieve standardization in our cannabinoid-containing, optimized therapeutic mixtures, GB Sciences is moving away from using materials extracted from the cannabis plant in favor of OTM formulations incorporating identical copies of the plant cannabinoids that can be created by Purisys under current Good Manufacturing Practices,” explained Dr. Andrea Small-Howard, Chief Science Officer and Director of both GB Sciences, Inc. and GBS Global Biopharma, Inc. “This strategic relationship solidifies both our immediate supply needs for preclinical studies and clinical drug prototypes, as well as future supply needs for clinical trials, scale-up and commercial manufacturing. Purisys is the global leader in providing the ultra-high purity cannabinoids needed for our standardized, cannabinoid-containing pharmaceutical products. Formed as a spin-off in 2020 and now a legal subsidiary of Noramco, Purisys has a 40-year track record of pharmaceutical API manufacturing. Purisys is well-known for their commercial scale pharmaceutical cannabinoid manufacturing technologies, IP portfolio, commercial drug master file holdership, complimented with a strong quality, regulatory and compliance track record.”

GB Sciences’ intellectual property portfolio contains five issued US patents and 3 issued international patents, as well as, ten US and thirty-five International patent pending applications for treatment of Parkinson’s disease, pain, cytokine release syndrome, heart disease, and a variety of medical conditions using these cannabinoid-containing OTM. GB Sciences’ drug development pipeline currently contains four preclinical stage programs, and GB Sciences’ lead Parkinson’s disease therapeutic program is being prepared for a First-in-Man clinical trial.

“We welcome the opportunity to provide pharmaceutical grade ultra-pure cannabinoid APIs to GB Sciences for their innovative pipeline of cannabinoid-containing pharmaceuticals designed to help patients,” said Josh Hoerner, the General Manager of Purisys, LLC. “We are the leading provider of synthetically-derived cannabinoids to researchers and product developers looking to navigate health authority-regulated pathways to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. To that end, the cannabinoids produced by Purisys are distinguished by their ultra-high purity, backed by commercial-scale pharmaceutical supply chains, ease of formulation, and strong technical and regulatory support. Today, our cannabinoid portfolio is already broad and able to support the pharmaceutical industry. Our synthetic technology accesses both major and minor cannabinoids while also enabling us to manufacture efficiently and cost-effectively new chemical entities such as cannabinoid prodrugs and analogues for our customers.”

About GB Sciences, Inc. and GBS Global Biopharma, Inc.

GB Sciences, Inc. (OTCQB:GBLX), through their Canadian entity, GBS Global Biopharma, Inc., is a phytomedicine research and biopharmaceutical drug development company whose goal is to create patented formulations of plant-inspired, optimized therapeutic mixtures (OTM) that target a variety of medical conditions. The active ingredients in our OTM are synthetic homologues identical to the original plant compounds but produced under current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). GB Sciences’ novel drug discovery platform has yielded 5 issued US and 3 issued international patents, as well as 10 US and 35 international patent-pending applications. In our drug development pipeline, we have four preclinical stage programs, and our lead Parkinson’s disease therapeutic program is being prepared for a First-in-Man clinical trial. In addition to Parkinson’s disease, GB Sciences is developing therapeutics for neuropathic pain, cytokine release syndrome (CRS), Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS), and heart failure. GB Sciences’ productive research and development network includes distinguished universities, hospitals, and Contract Research Organizations.

About Purisys, LLC

Headquartered in Athens, Georgia, Purisys was formed to provide pharmaceutical companies with the most comprehensive and sustainable array of resources for commercialization of cannabinoid-based products available today. Purisys APIs are developed using state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies for a broad range of cannabinoids on both small and large scales, to create a reliable supply chain to support pharmaceutical development and launch – at the highest levels of quality and regulatory compliance required for successful product commercialization. The company has a long-term, successful regulatory track record in the pharmaceutical industry with a commitment to high purity, consistency, and compliance. Purisys also has a comprehensive set of CDMO offerings and a robust reference standard program to support the pharmaceutical industry deliver innovative new therapies to patients.

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