Hiretual Announces Partnership with Evry1, a Community-Led Career Development and Support Hub

The new online community offers free resources for professional development and networking in the talent acquisition industry

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Hiretual, an AI-powered Talent Platform, announced today a new partnership with Evry1, an open community-led career development and support community for talent acquisition professionals. Developed as a free resource, Evry1 will serve the industry as a platform to help experienced and new professionals connect, learn and develop new skills in a collaborative environment.

Evry1 is open to anyone in or looking to join the talent acquisition industry and will host programs supporting more than just the recruiting and sourcing function. The community will be led by Shannon Pritchett, former editor and community leader of SourceCon, the largest recruiting and sourcing conference in the U.S. and Europe. The sourcing, recruiting and talent acquisition space has changed immensely during the pandemic to support new organizational goals and virtual candidate and employee experiences. Pritchett and Evry1 want to ensure that all professionals, rookies and veterans alike, can collaborate and prepare for these industry shifts.

“I couldn’t be more excited to launch the Evry1 community,” said Pritchett. “Steven and I share a common vision and goal for this community, and I have always dreamed about the opportunity to build it. I’m thrilled to have Hiretual’s support to offer free training, knowledge sharing, mental health resources, mentorships, DE&I resources and so much more. This is just the beginning. Evry1 has a chance to change our industry for the better. I hope you can join us.”

“Due to the pandemic, the recruiting and talent acquisition community have been hit with massive layoffs and furloughs,” said Steven Jiang, CEO and Co-Founder of Hiretual. “We’re excited to partner with Evry1 to help people gain access to resources, job opportunities and mentorship without worrying about steep financial costs. Now more than ever, it is important for our community to come together in a collaborative setting to support one another and grow our industry.”

Evry1 aims to provide all members free services, resources, training, education, networking, content and seminars about various topics ranging from professional development to mental health. Additionally, Evry1 will also offer mentor matches and internship opportunities for young professionals.

Learn more about Evry1, how to sign up and how to get involved here.

About Hiretual

Hiretual is an AI-powered recruitment software that functions as a candidate data engine to centralize all recruiting efforts for hiring teams big and small. Hiretual integrates with 30+ Applicant Tracking Systems to drive real-time data synchronization and scalability in an organization’s tech stack. Experience fast and simple AI Sourcing across 750M+ profiles on the open web, build personalized engagement campaigns with extensive market insights and rediscover old profiles in your database with intelligent data enrichment. For more information, visit hiretual.com.

About Evry1

Founded by Shannon Pritchett, Evry1 is an open community for professionals in the talent acquisition industry. Our mission is to provide a free resource hub by creating a community setting for talent professionals to receive free services, resources, training, networking and mental health resources. To learn more about Evry1, how to sign up and how to get involved, visit http://explore.hiretual.com/evry1.




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