Hyperquake Expands Footprint and Services to Salt Lake City

SALT LAKE CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#martechHyperquake, the Cincinnati-based brand building & business strategy firm continues to expand its capabilities with a technology investment that extends their geographic reach. They are partnering with elite digital marketing strategy MarCore Group to offer enhanced digital marketing capabilities for clients, including audience asset building, full marketing technology stack development for e-commerce, SEO, growth strategy and high-performance paid digital.

“Hyperquake was founded on digital and storytelling principles rooted in truth,’’ said Colin Crotty, Hyperquake’s CEO. “Truth is what moves people to act, and in today’s world that acting is done online. A digital-first mindset means focusing on innovation, and investing intelligently in digital technology. To meet the demands of the modern digital landscape, Hyperquake is investing in strategic partnerships that push the envelope on digital innovation.’’

MarCore is a Salt Lake City-based marketing strategy firm created to conquer clients’ struggle to maximize their opportunities utilizing digital. Comprised of elite talent in digital marketing, including website and app development, technology stack development, social growth hacking with paid and organic social program development, and content strategy building. The firm is constantly developing innovative tools and systems using AI, AR, and algorithm-resistant audience development, all designed to lead consumers through experience funnels that convert and help clients grow.

“MarCore is driven to build clients’ marketing assets in the form of repeatable growth systems and engaged audiences that will continue to drive revenue in the long-term,” said Ari Monkarsh, founder of MarCore. “We are very selective about the clients we work with because growth is powered by partnership and an appetite for innovation together with our clients.”

Along with the MarCore partnership and investment in digital strategy, Hyperquake will open new offices in Salt Lake City and the Park City area to better serve their clients in the west. Hyperquake is dedicated to meet clients where they are, situationally and physically. The move gives Hyperquake an impactful presence in what is quickly becoming a capital of the tech industry, Salt Lake City, which is locally nicknamed part of the Silicon Slopes, an area that has produced countless success stories with many more to come.

Silicon Slopes is also the name of a nonprofit organization that serves as the voice, hub, and heart of Utah’s startup and tech community, as well as a new strategic partnership link for Hyperquake. As Hyperquake expands services and capacity to the Salt Lake City area, the partnership with Silicon Slopes offers new opportunities to impact the influential technology hub.

“We are thrilled to include Hyperquake as a partner of Silicon Slopes and we welcome them as they plant their roots in Utah’s growing ecosystem. Their experience and expertise in building stories, brands, and businesses, will bring tremendous value to the Silicon Slopes community,” said John Bowers, Director of Partnerships at Silicon Slopes.

“The last year has shown us the importance of adapting, and we will be a big part of the change companies want and need,” said Crotty. “Hyperquake is adapting in much the same way as the companies we serve, and that shared experience benefits everyone.’’

Hyperquake started as a design company more than three decades ago. As marketing, technology and client needs have expanded, so too has the firm evolved, establishing leadership in brand, storytelling and experience. With the addition of digital strategy and business strategy consultancy that explores new technology to drive business growth, Hyperquake continues to evolve and adapt to anticipate the needs of the market and their clients as evidenced by new strategic partnerships that expand geographic reach and technological capabilities.


Natalie Hastings



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