Leap Forward: Geekvape – A Launch of Aegis Legend 2

SHENZHEN, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / April 30, 2021 / After reaching more than 30 million customers globally with their high-quality, sleek and functional devices, Geekvape is back with the launch of more products to excite and compel. Launched in 2015, the innovative technology company has grown far beyond their headquarters in China, contributing massively by redefining industry culture and technology, ensuring an enjoyable and safe future for those that use their products, and upping the standard for other companies in the field to strive towards.

A new era is bound for Geekvape, and you are welcomed to experience it for yourself.

Brand Identity Overhaul

On the 27th of April, Geekvape launched an online press conference live to a mass of media, established reviewers and internet celebrities, excited to share their abundance of new technologies and products for the world to enjoy.

Hellbent on illustrating a new brand identity to more accurately connect themselves to their customers and prove their priorities and enthusiasm, Geekvape began by releasing a new brand logo. This logo steps forward and makes strides, while also inheriting the design of the previous, classic logo to convey a sense of building from the past without losing it altogether. To accurately and enthusiastically convey the enthusiasm and power behind the brand and the products that they deploy, an iconic lightning symbol was utilized, concise and rounded in its look, but unmistakable all the same. Now nestled in a more reasonable and standardized rounded rectangle, the logo is far more recognizable and iconic in its aesthetics, indeed in line with the sharp brand and the incredible products that they are proud to manufacture and distribute.

Geekvape was then pleased to present three new, innovative products at the launch event – the Z50, the Geekvape Nano and the Aegis Legend 2. Each product provides something new and unique to the customers that enjoy them and have made strides with the technology they boast, providing an enjoyable, safe, and healthier method of enjoyment.

Aegis legend 2: The Legend Leaps

The company’s star product of the past is undoubtedly the Aegis Legend, an incredible device that has won over the enthusiastic pursuit of vapers all over the world. Boasting an innovative IP67 tri-proof design, it has created a sales myth of over 5 million kits of cumulative sales in 65 countries worldwide and, therefore to nobody’s surprise, has become the well-deserved top seller for Geekvape and continues to enjoy that title.

Now, three years on from the incredible launch of that initial product, on the third anniversary of the Legend’s birthday, Geekvape has finally gifted to their loyal fans another product that they have been chomping at the bit to enjoy for years: the much-anticipated Aegis Legend 2. Geekvape initially ensured that the original Aegis Legend was the poster child for their innovative designs of IP67 tri-proof design, ensuring that not only was the product diligently waterproof and dustproof, but shockproof too. Now, pushing even further, Geekvape has innovated beyond anything the industry has seen before, releasing the 2nd-gen tri-proof technology customers have deserved for years, the so called IP68 quadra-proof technology. The Aegis Legend 2 will be IP68 waterproof and dustproof as well as shockproof. Even more, it will also be temperature-proof now too with an extensive range of operating temperatures from 20℃ to 50℃.

Better doesn’t always have to mean bigger though, for the Aegis legends 2 is now 30% lighter and 15% smaller than its namesake. With up to 200W power output and a dual 18650 battery, the device promises to be more powerful too, so don’t let yourself for a moment wonder where its downfall must be – for it indeed does not have one.

The Future of Innovation

Upon the end of the press conference, famous reviewer Michael Samios, the lead of well-known reviewing website, and other representatives of world-renowned e-commerce companies were invited to conduct a Q&A session with Geekvape. Upon this Q&A, Geekvape announced that their products aren’t just about improving upon those that other companies are releasing for customers worldwide but that, most importantly, innovation is about working upon your past, all for the sake of providing users with the best experience for products that they know and love. They discussed their belief that their products are redefining a whole new generation within the industry, ensuring the innovation of the lifestyle within that very culture, improving up what customers have gotten used to and using that same desire as motivation for the innovation that they have already delivered. They promise to continue doing so through continuous breakthroughs seen through each product that they have released, their success visible in the numbers and reviews alone. Geekvape has seen throughout the industry that more attention and focus has started to be paid towards Pod products but, sticking to their instincts and refusing to follow the crowd, Geekvape has held to their originality that has sparked them apart for the rest throughout their entire development, allowing them to ignore the trends and rely on their instincts. Through their continuation of study and interest in Mod products, they will continue to commit themselves to longer-term development, enriching the industry with better technology, better understanding and, above all else, better products.

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