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TEMPE, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / April 21, 2021 / Genius Monkey, a leading programmatic advertising platform, has found that important for marketers to put just as much emphasis, if not more, on their post-click marketing strategies as they do on their pre-click strategies. And with good reason.

Conversions are the primary goal of all marketing campaigns, yet despite all the hard work and effort (not to mention ad spend) poured into running them, nearly 94% of digital ads still don’t lead to conversions. Why? Because proper conversion journeys require complete follow-through. They don’t end simply because someone clicked on your online ad. In fact, post-click is where the most important part of your marketing endeavor actually begins.

Guiding the customer journey from start to finish

Conversion trouble begins with the fact that most digital marketers pour more time into perfecting the consumer pre-click experience than they do the post-click experience. And by doing so, they’re missing out on huge conversion opportunities at the cost of precious ad dollars. Instead, they should put greater focus on post-click optimization. That’s what truly drives conversion rates.

This doesn’t mean you should neglect pre-click optimization, however. Successful ad campaigns require strong optimization for both pre-click and post-click. Total follow-through is what gets you to that conversion finish line.

Pre-click optimization for a strong foundation

A strong pre-click experience gets you more clicks, which starts prospects moving down your funnel. This work is crucial to set yourself up for conversion success. Common pre-click strategies include:

  • Improved bid optimization
  • Increased ad relevance
  • Improved targeting and retargeting
  • Increased ad spend
  • Reevaluate target account lists
  • Improved page personalization
  • Improved audience segmentation
  • Improved impression share
  • Improved name recognition

A solid foundation in pre-click optimization is non-negotiable ineffective advertising. But this is where things can get a bit tricky. If your pre-click optimization is strong, you’ll drive plenty of clicks to your landing page, which raises your CPC expenses. But if customers visit your landing page and quickly lose interest, or don’t know what you are selling, then the conversion is lost, and the click-through is wasted. Which is exactly where the power of post-click optimization comes in….

Post-click optimization to power up your performance

Optimizing the post-click experience can drastically reduce bounce rates and drive more conversions-and with the right approach, it can be relatively easy to do. In fact, Genius Monkey data shows that 94% of users who see an ad do not click through and convert right away, and only 21% of users convert in less than 10 days from first clicking or seeing an ad, while just over 34% take over 90 days. Knowing this, wouldn’t you make a valiant effort to ensure your post-click experience for that 94% of users is stellar, so you’re sure they come back? There are several factors to consider when improving the post-click experience:

  • Clear Messaging of Your Product Or Service: Your landing page, website, follow-up (remarketing) ads, and brand as a whole need to be very concise and clear on the overview of what its offerings are so the user isn’t left wondering. Wondering minds will not return.

  • Relevance – Your brand’s ad and anything that follows must be relevant and go hand-in-hand. Everything on the post-click landing page must be relevant to the conversion you are trying to drive them to.

  • Message Consistency: When a visitor clicks on an ad that’s personalized to their interests, they expect that personalization to carry through to the post-click stage. Inconsistent ad-to-page messaging can zap your customers’ interest and hurt your conversion rates.
  • Page Speed: If your pages don’t load quickly, your visitors will grow tired of waiting. In order to keep their attention throughout the funnel, your website and landing pages need to be fast on all devices they might be on.
  • Device-Centric: Mobile devices are huge within digital advertising. If your landing page experiences aren’t optimized for both desktop and mobile displays, you’re likely to see reduced conversions on mobile devices.
  • Smart Remarketing/Retargeting – Most marketers either underutilize or overkill these tactics. At Genius Monkey, we’ve tested theories for years and found that “smart” group retargeting wins every time. For example, don’t try to retarget someone with an ad that’s based solely on the last product page they visited because there’s a good chance they visited several other product pages. Even Amazon makes this huge mistake. Simply create groups or categories for what you offer, and when consumers visit pages within these groups, retarget them with a broader message that matches those exact pages.
  • Unique Selling Proposition – If you don’t point out how your product is different or better from any other, how can you expect your audience to remember your brand? Highlight your differences, whether it is price, quality, or a combination of things.
  • Personalization and Data – Post-click optimization works best if you’re able to test various segments (such as people who’ve searched for a specific product) and use data to personalize your brand messaging for certain individuals (such as loyalty members that clicked through on a special offer sent via email.) These experiences only work if you can access the same customer data from a CRM system, channel partners, or from third-party data partners.
  • Tested – Use A/B testing to determine what is making your visitors convert and what is failing to convert. After you reach statistical significance, stick with the variation that’s getting you more conversions (but continue testing new variations).

These all sound great on paper, right, but how does a single person or team even know where to start to keep track of these? You’re in luck. With proper analytics tracking through a digital partner like Genius Monkey, you can see the full funnel of what your audience is doing-not only post-click but post-impression.

View through level attribution tracking via programmatic allows you to see what your audience does as soon as they see an ad, come to the site, where they bounce, and when, where, and why they might return. With this data, you can draw conclusions as to what user experience caused them to initially leave, what enticed them to return, and what finally got them to convert. Then you can use those data points to optimize for future prospects. In fact, let’s see it in action.

The upside is clear: Better conversion rates at a better price point.

Smart marketing helps maximize ad spend

Optimization is a critical tool for improving customer relationships, but only if it’s used throughout the entire campaign. Every penny you invest in the pre-click stage just goes to waste if the post-click stage doesn’t eventually lead to conversion. It all comes down to balance.

When the pre-click and post-click experience are coordinated in tandem, there’s better opportunity for prospects to become leads and leads become customers. By doing so, you’ll not only create a better brand experience for your customers, but you’ll also build greater customer trust in the long run. The most important thing is understanding your full user cycle from their first ad impression to their moment of conversion, even if that is 90 days later, so you can optimize for better results in the future.

At Genius Monkey, we put a lot of focus on optimizing the post-click journey and pride ourselves on the results our clients have seen from these efforts. We can help you achieve positive post-click results as well! If you’re ready to level up your post-click customer journey, we’re ready to help create and execute a post-click strategy that delivers measurable results.

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