Mo-DV Announces Orbit to the Last-Mile Delivery for High Bandwidth Data Distribution through Mo2Go™

Revolutionizing Digital Content Delivery

CAMPBELL, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–“We are excited to announce Mo-DV’s last-mile innovation, Mo2Go, to meet the accelerating demand for video to mobile devices, truly revolutionary for digital content delivery,” said Jessica Fullmer, Mo-DV CEO and Founder. “At the Washington DC, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Space Operations & Support Technical Committee (SOSTC) Improving Space Operations Workshop 2021 on April 8, 2021, we demonstrated how Mo2Go works with satellites for fast content delivery. Mo2Go can deliver 2 hours of high-definition video in less than one minute without the internet.”

COVID-19 has resulted in a significant strain on the internet, accelerating the global need for reliable, high-speed video delivery. Mo-DV, a prominent Silicon Valley digital media technology company, addresses the challenge of getting the rapidly growing amount of data to the end-user.

One application for delivering media with Mo2Go is with tens of thousands of planned satellites from the U.S. and worldwide. With limited bandwidth, the challenge of getting the downlinked megabits, gigabits, and terabits of data to the end-user is real. The downlink data from these satellites include internet and non-internet data involving video, data from cloud computing centers in other parts of the world and on-orbit cloud computing, medical records, financial data, real-time on-orbit imaging, disaster monitoring, etc.

Mo-DV’s game-changing Mo2Go technology offers the best combination of security and speed for the last mile of content delivery. Mo2Go is a unique video content delivery architecture that quickly and securely delivers large content to end-users without the need for an active Internet connection. Mo2Go provides convenient caching for large content coming directly from satellites, limiting the need to deliver the content to end-users in a single link. The content will only need to be delivered once to the Mo2Go SpeedSpots, thus saving precious bandwidth. They are low-cost and easily installed in locations such as disaster areas, hospitals, airports, and shopping centers.

Combining Mo2Go with Mo-DV’s new MeshStash technology will take the world even closer to ubiquitous access to low-cost, fast-high quality video delivery. MeshStash is a highly secure interconnected network for local area caching of content. Think of it as a Content Delivery Network (CDN) in the neighborhood. These neighborhood networks can reduce bandwidth demand on the ISPs, and minimize latency.

With either Mo2Go or MeshStash, the result is a better, high-quality viewing experience for users and lower costs for those doing Video Delivery, ISPs, and content providers.

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