Nebulon Delivers smartInfrastructure in Supermicro Ultra Servers

Nebulon Takes Lessons from Consumer Smart Home Devices to Provide Cloud-Simplicity to On-Premises Data Centers in both North America and Europe

FREMONT, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nebulon, Inc.® announced today the availability of smartInfrastructureTM, a server-embedded, infrastructure software delivered as-a-service, which offers the benefits of the public cloud on-premises, from core to edge for any application: containerized, virtualized or bare-metal. Leveraging Supermicro Ultra servers, this data center service enables self-service infrastructure provisioning, infrastructure management-as-a-service, and enterprise shared and local data services. Nebulon also introduced two new smartInfrastructure solutions: Nebulon smartCoreTM and Nebulon smartEdgeTM. Finally, Nebulon announced its first smartEdge customer with Supermicro, UK-based service provider DC Intelligence Limited (DCI).

The public cloud, COVID-19, and the growth of 5G and IoT at the edge, have increased the demand from application owners for a more scalable, cloud-like experience for their on-premises enterprise application infrastructures. According to the 2020 Gartner Critical Capabilities for Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software report, “I&O leaders are starting to leverage HCI for edge-computing use cases, but scale, cost, performance, security and management challenges remain.”1 For those organizations looking to modernize at the core or at the edge, these challenges, combined with server overheads and related density issues as well as virtualization-only workload restrictions, limit the effectiveness of HCI.

Nebulon smartInfrastructure delivers a public cloud experience on-premises for enterprise application infrastructure. Similar to the cloud management benefits of smart home technology, this server-embedded, infrastructure software delivered as-a-service enables IT administrators and application owners to benefit from simple deployment and rapid time-to-value, zero-touch remote management, easy at-scale automation, AI-based insights and actions, and behind-the-scenes software updates.

Nebulon smartInfrastructure supports any application: containerized, virtualized and bare-metal, and is available anywhere, from core to edge to hosted data centers, serving the requirements of applications today and in the future. Furthermore, Nebulon smartInfrastructure is designed such that zero server resources are consumed in delivering enterprise data services, eliminating the HCI limitations on server density and keeping 100% of the server resources usable for applications.

“Supermicro’s Ultra server solution with Nebulon smartInfrastructure is a significant benefit to our customers,” said Eric Sindelar, GM of Operations and Advanced Technology Development, Supermicro. “We are seeing a lot of interest in Nebulon smartInfrastructure with our Ultra server line from both enterprises and service providers who are looking to simplify their core and edge data center deployments.”

DCI, a service provider specializing in providing data center colocation and cloud solutions, specifically chose Supermicro, known as a leader in high-performance, high-efficiency server technology innovation, with Nebulon’s smartEdge solution, to run its edge offering ‘DataQube’. DataQube utilizes a liquid immersion cooling technology, to efficiently maintain temperatures of racks comprised of Nebulon-enabled Supermicro servers. With DataQube immersion cooling technology, DCI can deploy a modular, 5G-enabled data center without the need for traditional cooling infrastructure.

This approach means DCI can rapidly deploy a distributed cloud anywhere, anytime and deliver significant energy savings to its customers while reducing costs. The smartEdge-based DataQube is ideal for remote areas and heat-intensive regions such as Africa, where DCI is currently developing a solution for deployment of field hospitals as part of a charitable initiative.

“These hospitals are located in remote areas with hot climates and have specific IT needs for storing and processing patient data, viewing charts and using collaboration tools such as video calling with other physicians,” said Chris Ward-Jones, CTO, DCI. “These capabilities must be extremely reliable and be delivered at a low cost. With zero-touch remote management and improved density compared to traditional HCI, we can use the Nebulon smartEdge solution to flexibly and cost-effectively scale at the edge in a way previously not possible.”

Nebulon smartCore and smartEdge solutions were designed to simplify management of on-premises enterprise application data with a hyperscale, API-first cloud control plane connected to IoT endpoints in the customer application servers to deliver self-service application infrastructure ease and cloud-like operations for any application from core to edge. With both smartInfrastructure solutions, enterprises can enjoy a single top-down cloud-managed approach to address application deployment, management and maintenance challenges common at the core, and address density, costs and remote management challenges experienced at the edge.

“Customers want the cloud experience for their on-premises infrastructure across their core, hosted and edge deployments,” said Siamak Nazari, Co-founder and CEO of Nebulon. “Supermicro with Nebulon smartInfrastructure, and specifically the Nebulon smartEdge solution, allows customers and partners like DCI to make this a reality.”

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1Gartner, Critical Capabilities for Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software by Philip Dawson, Jeffrey Hewitt, Julia Palmer, Tony Harvey. 9 Dec 2020

About Nebulon, Inc.

Nebulon, Inc. was founded by a group of ex-3PAR executives to pioneer Nebulon smartInfrastructure, a server-embedded, infrastructure software delivered as-a-service which delivers the benefits of the public cloud experience, on-premises from core to edge for any application—containerized, virtualized or bare metal. Nebulon smartInfrastructure provides self-service infrastructure provisioning, infrastructure management-as-a-service and enterprise-class shared and local data services. Two solutions make up the Nebulon smartInfrastructure portfolio, the smartEdge solution & the smartCore solution, to deliver easily accessible AIOps, self-managed updates and powerful programmability at any scale. Nebulon is headquartered in Fremont, Calif., and has offices in Seattle, Wash., London, U.K. and Belfast, Northern Ireland. For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter @nebuloninc.

About DC Intelligence Limited (DCI)

DCI is a UK based provider of business critical services including Data Centre colocation, cloud, cloud storage, connectivity, and digital transformation. With a focus on innovation and the environment, we are continually striving to develop technology solutions that meet the current and future needs of our clients as efficiently as possible whilst reducing environmental impact.


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