OnMail Launches New Mobile iOS App; Now Modernizes Your Existing Email Accounts with Unique OnMail Features

OnMail also protects your privacy with anti-tracking technology.

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–OnMail, the ad-free, privacy focused, and modern email service, released its brand new iOS app available immediately on the App Store along with several groundbreaking new features engineered to offer you a higher standard of email performance. OnMail is made by Edison Software, creator of the award-winning Edison Mail #1 independent email app on the App Store used by millions.

The most exciting new feature in OnMail is a first-of-its-kind import account system offering a brand new way to modernize all of your existing email accounts. You can bring over your Gmail, Outlook, and more accounts from other providers to access unique OnMail features in an improved, consistent experience across all your email accounts. For example, faster speed and superior search across all your existing accounts and mail history, access features like accept/ block senders, and more.

“We have spent the last ten years as a company perfecting email technology and the expertise to solve the long standing problems you experience with email. To fully improve your control over email, we had to own both the front end and the service itself,” said Jeff Pearsall, VP of Design at Edison Software.

Furthermore, OnMail is a privacy focused and independent email service that consumers need now more than ever before. Other big tech ad-based email services rely on your email address as a unique identifier across their free products to trace you and your internet behaviors to target you even better for advertisements. OnMail ensures you are never tracked or targeted for ads through your email.

“It has taken over two years to build the OnMail service from the ground up and it is an incredible experience. Fast, simple with many groundbreaking new email features. More importantly, we do not treat your email account like a traceable web cookie to track and target you with ads. OnMail always blocks email trackers and ad-targeting to protect your privacy. We hope you like it as much as we do,” said Mikael Berner, CEO at Edison Software.

OnMail, now officially out of beta, is available in subscription-based plans for Free, Personal and Professional use. Access to OnMail’s Free plan is being rolled out in limited deployments to those who sign up for an invite at www.onmail.com. OnMail’s Personal ($4.99 per month/ $49.99 per year) and Professional ($9.99 per month / $99.99 per year) plans are available for purchase and immediate use.

OnMail is an ultra-fast, hyper-efficient, and dead simple email service that aims to solve the biggest problems in email. Over time the balance of power between email senders and receivers has shifted almost completely toward senders’ control. OnMail empowers you to choose who is allowed in your inbox and block unwanted mail from piling in.

Consolidating Your Email Services has Never Been so Easy!

Changing an email address is the primary obstacle preventing most of us from cutting ties with a legacy email provider. Unlike other email products, OnMail was built from the ground up and avoids common industry workarounds like email forwarding or piggybacking on third party email servers.

OnMail’s powerful new importing system allows you to experience the best of both worlds — keep your existing email provider and benefit from exclusive and cutting edge OnMail features. Experience a higher standard of email performance across all of your email accounts.

OnMail’s creators devoted years and powerful engineering expertise to develop a revamped and unmatched underlying infrastructure of your existing mailbox capable of syncing your entire account history in real-time and support every unique OnMail feature out of the box. Your old email account will instantly be smarter in OnMail. OnMail’s Natural Language search engine will process your entire email history and index it to support the next generation of search. Features like Smart Reply and Suggested Unsubscribe will now work across your entire set of accounts based on your full inbox history of old emails brought into your inbox. There will be no more delays in notification and delivery speeds across all your accounts imported to OnMail.

Key Features of the New OnMail iOS App:

  • Accept Sender – Accept or block email senders before they enter your mailbox. One-tap Unsubscribe and Block Sender also help you declare independence from unwanted mail.
  • Modernize Existing Accounts – OnMail offers a cutting-edge proprietary import account system to give you a consistent email feature experience you can control across all of your accounts from different providers. Compatible with Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, Hotmail, AOL, and MSN. (Yahoo! And Exchange support coming soon). *Available only for Personal and Professional plans.
  • Anti-Tracking Technology – OnMail is secure from prying eyes. Automatically block spy pixels in emails from ad targeters attempting to monitor your email behavior through read receipts.
  • A.I. in Mail – AI-based automatic Nudges help you follow up on emails, send Smart Replies and navigate Smart Folders focused on Shopping, Travel, Packages and Events. Unsubscribe suggestions, Refund monitoring, and Anti-Spam functionality also included.
  • Dark Mode – Sleek Dark Mode makes the readability of email at all hours convenient and helps preserve your phone’s battery life.
  • Preview Mode – A more modern and easier way to consume your promotional email and news in a visual format at a glance. Read less, delete less, search less.
  • Customizable Mailbox – Choose from intelligent notification options, Split Inbox support and badge count customizations.
  • Simple & Clutter Free UI – Dismiss your emails easily with just one tap to mark as Done, find anything you need with intuitive Natural Language Search, perform bulk actions, peruse your attachments and contacts efficiently with dedicated views. Optimized Thread View, Composer HTML support and more.

For a complete list of all plans, features and pricing, visit OnMail’s Features & Pricing Overview.

OnMail is safeguarded by multiple layers of security, including user specific encryption keys built with powerful algorithms. OnMail data is encrypted at rest and in-transit. OnMail users can Opt-In to share de-identified ecommerce data with Edison for its aggregated research-backed business model.


OnMail’s email service can be used with any internet browser, iPhone and iPad, and is compatible for use with the Edison Mail app for iOS, Android and Mac.

Looking Ahead

In 2021, the OnMail email service will also introduce a mobile app for Android, Calendar functionality, Yahoo! and Microsoft Exchange support, and two factor authentication.


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Sign up at www.onmail.com.

Download OnMail for iOS at App Store.

Read about Edison’s Privacy Commitments: https://privacy.edison.tech/

About Edison Software

Edison Software is transforming the way people communicate with innovative, AI-driven products, including: Edison OnMail, the award-winning Edison Mail application, Edison Trends e-commerce research and Edison API. Funded by Mayfield, USVP, Nautilus Venture Partners and Emerillon Capital, Edison is headquartered in San Jose, California.

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