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ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / April 20, 2021 / Devices are glued to our hands now more than ever. And, not just for crushing candy or scrolling social media. Working from home means a growing dependency on technology. But, it’s hard to keep up. Devices are constantly changing. Even if you just purchased a new phone or laptop recently, it’s likely already time to upgrade. Luckily, Phobio LLC can help.

In fact, they have been upgrading too. The Atlanta-based company has been evolving the consumer trade-in business model since they began. When CEO Stephen Wakeling founded the brand in 2010, he sought to re-define the trade-in experience. Their mission is to develop safe, responsible solutions that benefit other businesses, customers and the environment.

Their trade-in model helps other companies across all industries with its Bulk Asset Conversion program. Just like it sounds, Phobio LLC offers simple bulk buyback services. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a large firm with locations nationwide or a small, local company. All can benefit. By sending old devices in for trade, businesses are given a credit that can turn idle inventory into instant capital. All devices are processed and handled with the highest data and physical security standards. This transparency, combined with competitive prices, makes them an ideal partner.

However, this isn’t the one benefit of teaming with Phobio LLC. They provide clients with three different trade-in options. Each one is designed to help any company achieve greater customer service and responsiveness. Displayed in more than 4,500 store locations worldwide, the retail trade-in service grants a cutting-edge experience for both employees and customers. Their E-Commerce package does the same thing for businesses ‘ online stores. In addition to reducing costs, customers are given more convenient choices for dropping off, shipping, inspection, and credit. Finally, manufacturers can also team up with Phobio LLC to boost sales and brand loyalty. Simple and reliable steps can be an incentive to bring in new customers and keep returning ones happy.

These practices put green in the pocket of consumers. But, they also are “green” for the environment. When it launched, Phobio LLC rejected an outdated model of “take, make, and waste.” Instead, they promote the reusing and recycling of resilient products. Designed to maximize resources and fuel future innovation, the trade-in service is an R2-certified recycler through the industry-leading Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI). As the brand continues to expand ways to better serve its business partners and customers, they also strive to increase the economic, environmental, and social value of their products.

About Phobio, LLC:

Founded in 2010, Phobio seeks to be the most transparent and trustworthy company in the trade-in industry. We are obsessed with simplifying the complicated and elevating the customer experience. CEO Stephen Wakeling started the company with a group of friends who wanted to create a more honest way for people and businesses to extend the usable life of mobile devices while offering a better customer experience. With a culture of curiosity and a commitment to transparency, Phobio creates customer-friendly software and trade-in solutions that work. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Phobio’s in-house customer support, partner success, and engineering teams live and work from offices across the U.S.A

Jennifer Greene
Phobio, LLC


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