Plant-Based Beverage Zero dB is over 10x more effective than CBD

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / April 19, 2021 / Breakthrough scientific research of NeuroTheryX Canada Ltd. (NTX) led to the creation of Zero dBtm , a Canadian start-up with a functional beverage over ten times more effective than CBD in the NTX platform and is safe, with none of CBD’s consumption or distribution restrictions.

“Unlike CBD products, Zero dB is not derived from cannabis or hemp. Instead, Zero dB is made from other naturally occurring plant extracts that have been analyzed and formulated for optimal effectiveness, all without the known negative effects of concentrating single components, such as CBD,” says Dr. Armen Manoukian, CEO of NTX.

Zero dB founder and CEO Gary LeBlanc shares, “much of the anxiety people experience is born from the high volume of ‘noise’ we have in our minds, due to the ever-increasing complexity of our lives. People who have tried Zero dB describe the benefit as feeling more focused, relaxed, and able to take on their next challenge. Whether it’s that critically important work presentation or a golf game that requires a sharper edge. I like to describe our products as the world’s first noise-canceling beverages.”

CBD’s growing popularity is largely based on evidence implying a role for CBD and cannabinoids in the management of anxiety. With greater effectiveness and increased safety, Zero dB is a better alternative to CBD and is moving quickly to establish a dominant presence.

In March, Zero dB gained listings at Whole Foods and is rapidly adding other Canadian retailers.

Recognizing the scope of the opportunity, Zero dB has retained leading talent to bring the brand to market including chairman, Rick Fitzgerald, former Diageo Canada CEO, and food & beverage advertising agency Bob’s Your Uncle along with a cast of beverage industry sales and marketing experts.

The lightly carbonated, low-calorie beverage is available in two varieties, original formula and +energy. Consumers can order a 6-pack of 355ml cans for CAD 34.99 (USD 29.99) at Zero dB is also now available at a growing list of retailers in Canada.

About Zero dBtm

Zero dB is a functional beverage containing a specific combination of plant extracts that is over ten times more effective than CBD. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Zero dB was founded in January 2019 by CEO Gary LeBlanc in partnership with NeuroTheoryX Canada Ltd. Zero dB beverages are made with organic and non-GMO ingredients; developed leveraging 20 years of research. Lightly carbonated, low calorie and available in original and +energy varieties, Zero dB can be purchased at leading retailers and online through Amazon and

About NeuroTheoryX Canada Ltd.

NTX is a central nervous system (CNS) focused therapeutics company in Toronto, Canada, with a history of drug discovery and development of both pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. The discovery and development philosophy at NeuroTheryX centers on the “mechanism of action” of natural plant-based ingredients. Nutraceutical products are identified and evaluated using genetic targets and phenotype-based models – emphasizing a biological approach. Using this proprietary platform, NTX has developed a method to study cannabinoids and endocannabinoids and their role in neuropsychiatric indications leading to the development of a proprietary system to identify, measure, and assess the activity of these compounds for use as therapeutics. NTX has developed a robust pipeline of innovative CNS therapeutics and several are in development.

Bob Froese
CEO Bob’s Your Uncle

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