Plastic Finance, a DeFi based plastic bank has been launched, with AIRDROP campaign.

KARAWANG, West Java Indonesia, April 25, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Former bankers, ex-capital market players, a plastic recycle entrepreneur and prominent programmers from Bandung, Medan and Surabaya in Indonesia have been joining to build a DeFi (decentralized Finance) based apps which offers plastic grinds exchanger, plastic loans & saving bank, and plastic recycle based stable coins indexes.

Everybody knows that such effort to clean plastic waste in the second most plastic polluted nation, using digital mobile apps have been started from the last 4 years. To name a few, there are at least 2 other startups doing this, “but, the others are focusing more to household waste, and we focus more to plastic waste collector’s well-being. We aim to elevate the welfare of waste collector by giving them access to credit through cryptocurrency DeFi, the environment impact is the byproduct result of the whole process.” says Mr. Agung Dumadio, the COO of Plastic Finance.

“What We need to do now is crowdfunding, creating the PLAS token that represent the economic rights of this efforts, so the token holders will get royalty payment paid from exchange spreads and DeFi transaction fees, that is why we establish a cooperative for it.” Mr Dumadio explains. Thus, the waste collectors as cooperative members will get option to be paid by cash or place their plastic grinds as a savings in the form of stable coins. “People won’t realize that all process will be done on smart contract blockchain, but we have no choice, creating DeFi will allow everybody to scale trust on us!” says Eka Suwandana, the CEO of Plastic finance.

Currently, Plastic Finance has begun airdrop program for PLAS token a BEP-20 token, it will run until 20th May 2021. Everyone is welcome to participate, please visit our telegram. For more information visit our website.

Token Ticker : PLAS
Blockchain : BEP-20 (Binance Smart Chain)
Total Supply : 23.900.000 PLAS

Media Contact

EKA SUWANDANA, Plastic Finance, +62 8999283626,



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