Poverty Dignified, Inc. Soon To Be VirExit Technologies, Inc. Partners With Onthemuv(R)

VirExit Technologies Is Partnering With Onthemuv To Bring Their Seated Treadmill, the miniTREAD® to Those Who Want To Exercise From Home or the Office Without Shared Equipment

RICHLAND, WA / ACCESSWIRE / April 21, 2021 / Poverty Dignified, Inc. soon to be renamed as VirExit Technologies, Inc. (OTC PINK:PVDG) has partnered with Onthemuv to bring the MiniTread to VirExit’s soon to be launched online Safer Place Marketplace.

As a diversified company that is launching their Safer Place Marketplace for both business and consumer safety and hygiene products, VirExit Technologies has partnered with Onthemuv to bring their seated treadmill to anyone who wants a complete workout either at home or in the office.

“We understand the importance of exercise and hygiene during this difficult time,” said James C. Katzaroff, President and CEO, Poverty Dignified, Inc. “Our team has researched and studied the real impact of removing additional risks from our environment. By exercising where you want, when you want, miniTread users are assured that they aren’t sharing equipment unless they want to. This is simply another way we can look out for our customers, our families, and our world.”

The Onthemuv® miniTREAD® is the evolution of the treadmill to be used from a seated position Co-founders Joanna Medin and Patrick Netter spent years developing the unique and patented miniTREAD. Intentionally engineered to be low to no impact with a small footprint. It incorporates two very natural positions – sitting and walking. The miniTREAD is designed for ease of use and reliability within the older adult, mobility limited and work from home populations and provides virtually the same cardio and muscular benefits as walking on a treadmill at the gym without leaving the house.

As we age, we lose muscle mass, and this typically results in a loss of strength. Sitting as many hours daily as most of us do can result in a decrease in blood circulation, which is also proven to affect memory, focus and cognitive skills. Joanna and Patrick both watched the decline of their parents and know that if the miniTREAD had been available at that time, it could have had life-changing results. We are passionate about providing a safe and effective product to help millions improve their health and keep moving…while seated.

“We are thrilled to partner with VirExit Technologies,” said OnTheMuv Co-Founder and CEO Joanna Medin. “By enabling those at work or at home to exercise on demand, we are enhancing productivity at work, at home, and in our spare time. This partnership will bring the miniTread to the office, providing a staple for employees in their desk setup.”


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About Poverty Dignified, Inc.

Poverty Dignified, Inc. (PVDG) is a diversified company with ownership of Sun Ovens, Inc., a company that decades ago, pioneered solar oven technology and produces, markets, and sells solar ovens and accessories. In 2020, PVDG acquired the registered brand, VirExit Technologies, Inc., along with other related intellectual property owned and developed by Patrick Netter. The VirExit brand pioneers innovative, effective, ethical, and safe products within the antiviral space. Also, during 2020, PVDG purchased Safer Place Technologies, LLC, whose purpose is to create a primary sales and marketing platform as a vertical online marketplace. This new acquisition seeks to provide a single source for buyers and sellers of protective products and services which resonate with the VirExit mission statement: Making the world a safer place with innovative, ethical and effective technologies. PVDG is anticipating a name change to VirExit Technologies, Inc. in the near future. For investor relations information please contact investorrelations@virexit.com.

About onthemuv

The Onthemuv® miniTREAD® is a reimagined treadmill-style device used from a seated position and designed for those working from their home or office, or those with mobility limitations. Co-founders Joanna Medin and Patrick Netter have spent more than three years developing the unique miniTREAD. Superbly engineered and with a small footprint, it’s designed for ease of use and reliability and early testing has evoked hugely positive responses. The miniTREAD provides virtually the same cardio and muscular benefits as walking on a treadmill at the gym… without leaving the house.

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