Qumu Introduces AI-Powered Live Captioning for Enterprise Video

MINNEAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–$QUMU #AIQumu Corporation (Nasdaq: QUMU), a leading provider of cloud-based enterprise video technology, today announced the development and release of its live captioning capabilities. The new release of Qumu Cloud provides artificial intelligence (AI)-based translation of voice to on-screen captions for video viewers. Developed by Qumu’s cloud engineering team, it is available to all Qumu customers and included in the license subscription.

The use of live and on-demand video continues to dominate as a communication tool, as many companies plan for long-term hybrid and remote work models. Enterprise video has become essential in how organizations engage internally and externally to rapidly drive business forward. Whether it’s a quick good morning video going live to employees, a presentation to 2,000 vaccination volunteers, or a new product rollout to tens of thousands of partners, Qumu’s new live captioning is designed from the ground up to enable reliable, scalable hosting of virtual events of any size.

“Captioning is now an expectation for viewers of live video,” said Henry Clout, chief architect for Qumu Cloud. “With this foremost in our minds, we’ve worked hard to engineer a service that ensures live captions are always available to our customers and their end users. Requiring no switches, configuration or custom plugins, supporting any input source, and with the ability to scale in real-time, our machine learning-based system is built to be relied upon.”

The feature is currently available in two languages – English and Japanese – with the plan to quickly expand to additional languages. Qumu’s on-demand, or asynchronous, captioning remains available in over 25 languages.

Qumu’s live captioning is immediately available as part of the Qumu offering, without the need to upgrade or add on services. To maintain top standards, Qumu is working closely with customers, including a national pharmacy and COVID-19 vaccine administer, to improve the accuracy, viewing and user experience with multiple upgrades planned throughout the year.

For more information on Qumu’s live captioning, please visit the Qumu platform overview. For more information about Qumu Cloud and Qumu’s enterprise video customers and use cases, please connect with us or visit Qumu.com.

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