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SACRAMENTO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 21, 2021 / After a sit down with one unique entrepreneur, Sam Martinez, conveyed his outlook and sentiment of the impact of his upbringing to what he has gone through and where he stands now. His beliefs could be summarized that just as many generations before, growing up as a millennial encouraged getting a college degree and finding a stable career. Additionally he went on to explain, in those years, seldom was entrepreneurship, business or risky salesmanship a focal point in any standard curriculum.

Getting his own crash course in business and entrepreneurship, Sam sailed not so well into 2 failed businesses of running a restaurant and running a security company. In hindsight, he now reflects back on these experiences as important learning points that served a purpose. As a last resort, Sam found himself as an insurance salesman, which at the time seemed more of a burden than the blessing it would eventually be.

From his perspective, society and schooling for many millennials implanted a stigma of what sales careers were like. “Through this limited view, one was brought up to think of sales as unstable and short sided, rather than anything than can be worthwhile, meaningful and long lasting” Sam Martinez

For him, time would show everything the contrary to be true. After an acclimation process, the service of selling funeral and burial life insurance ended being both lucrative and very rewarding. More importantly, Sam asserts, this was instrumental in developing his salesmanship skills that would carry over into other endeavors.

Eventually and through serendipity, Sam would find himself as a top performer in Mortgage and Real estate. As any top salesman, he was heavily recruited and sought after, which gave him the opportunity to climb in his career and work for many different companies. In his opinion, Sam was able to gather what he believed was good and bad from all of his lending and real estate employers, which ultimately led to his new company, Elite Loan Advisers. Whereas most companies have a niche or specialty, Sam discovered in real world practice, the best service comes from knowledge and versatility.

At the forefront of his approach, Sam emphasizes, everyone’s situation is unique. He affirms, what may seem practical or simple for some, may not apply for others. Moreover, having a complete set of additional options can make a major difference in the best and most beneficial course of action for any client. He maintains, if someone is rejected or given minimal options, unless they’ve worked in the industry and have had the opportunity to know multiple different types of loans, as Sam has , they never fully realize what they may have available to them. Sam has grown accustomed to surprising previously disappointed clients with quality lending and real estate options. “It all falls back on the level of expertise of the professionals you work with.” Sam Martinez

For Sam, now the goal is to spread the word and replicate this success on a larger scale. He insists his real world experience in the end provides a far superior service than competing companies with limited cookie cutter options. He went on to explain, as a one stop shop, aside from offering multiple lending and real estate avenues, a true comprehensive analysis of any given client’s situation to arrive at the best entry and exit points is what one can expect and rarely find elsewhere. Whether a brand new novice or heavily experienced, Sam and his company, Elite Loan Advisers, stand ready to help.

For those looking to get started in real estate, his company is always seeking talented individuals interested in becoming diverse professionals. If you are goal oriented and are open to learning a wider array of products and in doing so opening yourself to a larger client base, Sam welcomes you.

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