Sequitur Labs Presents Best Practices for Securing AI/ML Models at the Edge

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–While many businesses have invested in securing their data centers to ensure their protection from outside intruders, hacks and ransomware incidents, the vast majority have failed to shore up interconnected access points from edge devices, leaving them susceptible to attack. What is needed are solutions that provide device-level security that addresses all the technical, IP, supply chain and business process challenges manufacturers face without the need for them to become experts in cryptography and complex hardware security technologies themselves, say experts at Sequitur Labs, the leader in IoT security for connected devices.

With the increased proliferation of IoT devices available in the marketplace today, there are inherently more vulnerable access points than ever. These “smart” devices – from phones to thermostats to autonomous vehicles and beyond – are designed with interconnectivity built into the products to satisfy internet access requirements needed to receive critical updates to firmware or functionality. While secure data centers may be thought to be safe from outside intrusion, IoT devices are often at risk of being exploited by those looking for an easier way into systems.

“IoT device developers need to ensure their products are protected from attacks, safe and secure through the manufacturing process, and able to be managed securely throughout the life of the product,” said Philip Attfield, Co-founder and CEO, Sequitur Labs. “Without the appropriate implementation of IoT Security, vendors risk damage to their products, credibility and brand, as well as the loss of critical IP that is used to conduct complicated tasks that require some level of intelligent functionality with access to sensitive code or data sets.”

Attfield suggests that one method of achieving a high level of security for edge devices is to consider deploying software solutions that can easily be utilized by IoT device OEMs to develop, manufacture and maintain secure and trustworthy products. Backed by these software solutions, OEMs can isolate and protect security credentials to prevent their devices from being compromised by implementing an end-to-end secure boot process, which ensures that software on a device is identified, authenticated, and started up when the device is powered on. A secure boot also includes the protection of the firmware images stored in the non-volatile memory whether or not the device is powered on. This process requires several stages of authentication, protection, and encryption/decryption, in order to ensure that the device is secure.

One such solution is Sequitur Labs’ EmSPARK Security Suite, which was designed for industries where embedded security is critical, such as industrial control, building automation, the smart home, machine vision, automotive communication, and medical devices. IoT hardware manufacturers use EmSPARK to easily implement device-level security by addressing all the technical, IP, supply chain and business process challenges.

Sequitur’s EmSPARK Security Suite offers a robust security framework protecting embedded firmware, keys, and security-critical assets for many customers and thousands of partner products, solutions, and ecosystems in fields like smart mobility, efficient power and energy management, IoT, and 5G.

“Because there are a vast number of potential IoT security threats to endpoint devices, manufacturers and integrators must remain focused on their search for best-in-class security strategies and products capable of locking down their products, as the IP contained within simply cannot be compromised,” said Attfield. “Failure to do so can create long-term damage to a company’s revenue and brand and therefore must be protected.”

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