Teslafan, a Blockchain-Powered Machine Learning Technology Project, Receives Investment Prior to the ICO

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / April 16, 2021 / Teslafan, the decentralized network of the combination of Blockchain technology with artificial intelligence, pleased to officially announce its token launch, which will be listed on the ICOholder on April 21, 2021.

The Teslafan ICO is designed to take the company to the next level by introducing the Teslafan (TESLF) token that gives users access to future products or services provided by Teslafan, which offers businesses new growth opportunities through making AI solutions more available.

Convergence of AI, Machine Learning, and Blockchain

In recent years, Blockchain technology has been one of the most cited terms, not only in the IoT network but also in the financial services industry. Popularized by the digital currency system Bitcoin, Blockchain has evolved beyond P2P network technology into a concept that can be applied to all areas requiring innovation.

Now, by using blockchain, Teslafan is accelerating the development and deployment of AI-powered solutions in businesses by crowdfunding and decentralized trading platforms that facilitate access to artificial intelligence, machine learning (ML), and deep learning solutions within an ecosystem of actors.

About the Teslafan Network

Teslafan is an upcoming decentralized ecosystem that provides a rapprochement between AI and blockchain, the democratization of advanced machine learning capabilities, and the means for raising funds from a large number of angel investors for the growth and development of an AI project, enterprise, or initiative. Using blockchain, which stores data in an encrypted, distributed ledger format, Teslafan just became the leading blockchain-powered platform to pave the way for investors to collaborate on promising AI projects.

Another thing that makes Teslafan the stand-out platform is that it focuses on sustainable energy, which is the most mattering issue in today’s global economy. The network aspired to make big waves in the renewable energy industry by enabling green energy organizations to receive payments in the Teslafan token (TESLF). This blockchain-powered tokenized ecosystem instills transparency and accountability in transaction processing.

Pre-ICO Investment

The team is confident that the early investment support from anonymous investors, even before the ICO, will allow privately held company Teslafan, which focuses on deep learning and machine learning, to become one of the leading players in the decentralized AI market.

The reasons behind Teslafan’s early investment before the ICO can be explained in this way.

With the advancement of technology and the popularization of social media platforms, organizations are moving into an era that requires a higher level of data processing. For this reason, many developers, and academics work on Big Data, thanks to machine learning and deep learning algorithms. Teslafan’s initiative in the fields of AI, ML, DL, and cognitive computing shows the promise of positive development and future success of this project.

Highly Secure and Decentralized Crowdfunding Solution

Both artificial intelligence and crowdfunding are emerging fast-growing industries in the recent past. Their dependency on each other is quite apparent as crowdfunding has enabled several artificial intelligence-based projects to emerge. Teslafan is the new generation open-source crowdfunding/investing platform that provides entrepreneurs with much-needed access to funds and backs investors with blockchain-powered security.

Whether you are an investor looking for the right AI project to pour your resources on, or a developer that needs funding to start the project, Teslafan decentralized network strives at becoming the go-to platform for all its users.

AI Marketplace Powered by Blockchain

AI is a strategic asset that enables organizations to maintain a competitive edge. As a state-of-the-art platform for AI crowdfunding campaigns, Teslafan is also moving towards establishing a decentralized marketplace that provides AI-driven business solutions to businesses and individuals. The main purpose of the project is to draw attention to new and promising AI/ML/DL products and services and enable platform users to purchase AI solutions. In the B2C, B2B, decentralized AI marketplace that connects consumers with the machine learning developer, Teslafan ensures secure and transparent peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions between the parties involved.

How It Will Work?

Teslafan will use the Ethereum blockchain to verify transactions directed toward a project. This blockchain-powered smart contract enables AI-driven solution developers and buyers to transact with each other directly while enhancing the privacy and anonymity of users in the network.

As for the crowdfunding platform of Teslafan, it will operate with a system in which AI campaigns will only be backed on the basis that the funds are only collected and utilized if enough money is raised and the target is reached.

Blockchain Technology in the Renewable Energy Sector

Nowadays, with the use of electricity more than ever, the energy sector is becoming a major problem. Therefore, to ensure sustainability, interest in improving energy efficiency, energy conservation, and adoption of renewable energy sources is constantly increasing.

Among the major advantages of the Teslafan platform’s industrial solutions is the invitation of Blockchain and AI technologies into the renewable energy landscape.

In terms of blockchain, Teslafan makes it possible to donate with digital currency – TESLF token, to renewable energy charities and non-profits. In terms of artificial intelligence, it offers two services; sentiment analysis and stock price comparison. Using the text mining methodology, the platform provides its users with sentiment analysis of how people talk about particular renewable energy products and brands, how the brand is perceived and viewed by the target in social media. Going even further, Teslafan’s stock price comparison service allows users to find the best exchange where stocks of renewable energy companies are offered at the most favorable price.

The TESLF token

TESLF tokens are required for every single transaction within the network. It acts as the medium of exchange, allowing platform users to exchange tokens for AI solutions and services within the Teslafan platform.

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