The Dynamic Duo Behind Scale Lab Shares The Power of Building a Team to Scale Your Coaching Business

PHILADELPHIA, PA / ACCESSWIRE / April 16, 2021 / Building up a new business is challenging work; in the world of professional lifestyle and business coaching, it can be a constant hustle to get and keep clients. And while most coaches think they just need the right marketing and sales strategy in order to grow and scale their business, this all too common misconception is exactly what keeps many business owners stuck and unable to make a big impact. The secret behind the most successful online coaches who have long term and sustainable growth actually has less to do with their marketing strategy and more to do with their ability to grow a cohesive team. There is true power in having a solid team, and for the women at SCALE Business Consulting, it is their mission to show other women how to build and harness that team power to scale their professional coaching businesses.

Building a coaching business starts with talent, for professional coaches that may be a gift for fitness, business, life, finance, spirituality, fashion, etc. Most coaches go into business so they can use those gifts to make an impact in the world, and because of this, most coaches don’t come into the industry with an extensive background in starting and growing businesses. As a result, they are often piecemealing their growth strategy, and the bulk of information on the internet is telling them to market and work harder to get more clients. However, the women at SCALE know from hands-on experience that scaling a business requires big picture thinking and a focus on the right things at the right time, and they have made it their purpose to help other women succeed in building sustainable businesses. They have developed and perfected a proven system to drive business and increase revenue for professional coaches in a way that focuses on all aspects of the business with an emphasis on building the right team, instead of just focusing on a marketing and sales strategy.

Meagan Ruppert and Athena Quinones, co-founders of SCALE Business Consulting, explain that relying on a marketing strategy alone to scale your business almost always leads to burnout – and potentially demise – which is all too prevalent for female entrepreneurs. They show women how to approach their business differently – yes, marketing and sales are critical and imperative components of a successful business, but the game changing piece is in building a team and bringing in the right people one step at a time, establishing a positive company culture built to succeed and support the business (and the business owner) in the long run. Harnessing this team power builds momentum and enables long term, sustainable revenue growth to set women up as true industry leaders.

SCALE Business Consulting has a few different ways they share their message with professional female coaches. Their 12-month innovative coaching and mastermind program, SCALE Lab, shows results within just a few weeks. They start by teaching coaches a strategy to drive clients into their company and they recruit, hire and train the first (or next) team member for their clients to drive more leads and sales into their company. Once this is in place, they turn the focus to building up a sales team to exponentially increase their results. They provide everything from marketing templates and scripts to pre-written systems and processes for every aspect of their business, they help their clients become fully optimized so they consistently hit their goals – all aimed at setting women up to build a sustainable coaching empire. As they put it, they show their clients how to take the guesswork out of growing and scaling their businesses. They give women the tools and support they need so they can focus on working in their “zone of genius”, while their team drives leads and revenue.

One of the first parts of the Scale Lab process is focused on building a team and hiring the right people, these team members are called Revenue Generators, driving new opportunities to the business. While many coaches do understand the power of building a team, they make the mistake of hiring someone to do the busy work for them – someone who does the administrative tasks most CEO’s would rather not do. That’s where the Scale Lab process is different. By hiring Revenue Generators, the coach can leverage their team to drive leads, to build their network and create personal connections with their community so the coach can focus on showing up as an expert and authority in her market, adding value and serving her clients. After they have this system established and optimized, the next part of the system is building a sales team, and this is where revenue growth really gains momentum. From there the process moves into teaching coaches how to continuously scale up their business because they have put the right pieces in place for a solid business foundation.

Along with the 12-month program, the women of SCALE Business Consulting run a highly active free Facebook Group, Ladies Who Scale, where they offer insightful advice and guidance. They host a free, live 5-day workshop in the group five times a year, giving coaches an in-depth look at how to build consistent clients, and not overcomplicate their lead strategy.

Ruppert and Quinones are the dynamic pair behind the Scale Lab System. They come to the table with over 25-years of combined experience in entrepreneurship, marketing, operations, and team building. Ruppert has learned the power of a team through building up her own business ventures along with being part of other successful teams. Quinones started her first entrepreneurship venture at 20 years old and has never stopped going, gaining HR and operations expertise. The women met as part of another team, hired to scale up the business of a female professional coach. They successfully helped scale that business to a value of $8 million, forming a powerful connection in the process.

They knew from their own experiences on both sides of entrepreneurship how much benefit comes from having a successful and supportive team. Both are mothers, balancing career, and family, striving to always be the best at both. They have a distinct energy, Athena having a strong focus on the day-to-day, and Meagan with an eye for the big picture. Maximizing these complementary ways of thinking, they ventured forward together with the goal of helping female coaches achieve massive success, being a perfect example of how far the right team can take a company.

The Scale Lab System is unique, it is not simply a strategy, it is a full business ecosystem that gives the systems, procedures, strategy, support and mindset to build a sustainable female-run coaching brand. Connect with this amazing team through Facebook, or their website, and learn more about the 5-day workshop here, where they give a $12,500 scholarship for business coaching to one lucky participant each time they run the workshop. There is no time like today to take the first step to build that perfect team.

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