The Purple Wave by Ashraya Ananthanarayanan: The Merger on the Verge

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / April 26, 2021 / When it comes to voting, many people find it a complex and confusing field that they’d rather not get involved in. While the song and dance of candidates campaigning during election time drums up attention, voters are still left in the dark in terms of knowledgeability of their chosen candidate. In The Purple Wave, the voting process is analyzed in grave detail and magnifies the issues that are proving to potentially be the ultimate undoing of American Democracy.

Having been a long time coming, this book takes on a silent issue. The creation of The Purple Wave came into fruition as the issue of voter disconnect became a topic too big to ignore. Diving into issues such as audience identification when voting, The Purple Wave sends the clear message that change must be made in order for the country to see movement as a whole. The need for representation has recently made headlines in political media. As politics becomes more ingrained in our everyday lives, voters essentially require a guide during election season. In The Purple Wave, the topic of political representation in regards to youth is poignant and thoroughly elaborated upon. The message of a fresh approach that can only be provided by the newer generation of politicians rings loud and clear throughout The Purple Wave. Long gone are the days where the voice of the youth have been dismissed where politics are discussed. This publication serves as a vessel for the next generation of future politicians to finally have their voices heard regardless of their age.

Working to cover a multitudes of points, the book works to target all facets of how the American voter is motivated. Politicians have risen to the top in the past with audience identification and that alone. Stressing the importance of knowing who you’re really voting for, The Purple Wave proves there’s more than politics than what meets the eye.

Identifying the issue is only the first step, the execution of how to solve the problem is the next. Realizing the disconnect between voter and candidate, The Purple Wave bridges that gap by inspiring voters to consider every aspect of the candidate that they ultimately choose. By analyzing the process and effect that voting has, it has essentially boiled the topic of voting to its bare bones. In the Purple Wave, a desire for more intimate knowledge of voting is heard throughout its pages, and audiences, both young and old, can relate to it. By implementing the need for better candidate consideration and knowledge, the work done by this book is just one of the many necessary conversations that must take place in politics.

Perhaps it is the versatility of the piece, a necessary issue that has just recently been brought to the forefront, or both, but The Purple Wave has inspired accolades and applause from those in political fields and those outside of it. Senators and Representatives of multiple states have given the work high praise, as has, most estimably, Harvard University’s directorship itself. To think that this marvelous accomplishment is only one of the many feathers on this twenty-year-old’s cap is astounding and worthy of continuous admiration.

Apart from being a successful author and student, Ashraya Ananthanarayanan is a leader in her field already and says to all aspiring entrepreneurs that starting out on a path similar to hers is straightforward. “In one word, innovate. Entrepreneurs are given that title of esteem because they are innovating on a concept, whether it be an entirely new realm of discovery or adding to an already growing knowledge base in a field. Those who would like to improve upon any aspect of the world can truly become entrepreneurs because they have a motivation towards energizing mechanisms of work.” In politics and outside of politics, these words ring true for all of her peer youth to hear and apply.


Casey Stevens

SOURCE: Ashraya Ananthanarayanan

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