UKG Unveils Life-Work Technology Vision at Annual Connections Conference

LOWELL, Mass. & WESTON, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#HCMUKG (Ultimate Kronos Group), a leading global provider of HCM, payroll, HR service delivery, and workforce management solutions, introduced Life-work Technology™ to its customers at its virtual Connections conference. Recognizing that life and work are intertwined, UKG Life-work Technology delivers on the company’s promise by bringing people and HCM technology together in new ways designed to help organizations support and guide people along their personal life-work journeys.

“This is an entirely new vision for designing enterprise HCM solutions, factoring in people’s emotions and preferences, allowing them to work in a way that supports their lives and empowers them to thrive both at work and in life,” said Cecile Alper-Leroux, vice president of products and innovation at UKG.

UKG’s Life-work Technology approach helps people excel by uncovering what inspires them to do their best work, bringing a deep understanding of people, their work histories, and aspirations together with holistic data about their work patterns, efficiencies, and behaviors.

“We design solutions to meet the needs of today’s workforce and tomorrow’s workforce, striving to eliminate unconscious bias across our product suite and ensure accessibility,” said John Machado, chief technology officer at UKG. “Over the past year, we’ve introduced many products designed to make a difference in people’s lives, no matter where they are on their career journey at any given time.”

HCM industry analysts have taken note of the UKG life-work vision. According to Forrester, “UKG’s solutions deliver global workforce experiences that reflect the connection between life and work today1.” In a separate report, it noted, “UKG’s differentiated vision is to help organizations see beyond the employee experience and focus on people’s Life-work Journeys2.”

UKG showcased some of its newest life-work innovations at the virtual Connections 2021 conference:

  • With the goal of nurturing relationships, the UKG Pro Candidate Cultivation solution is designed to help organizations build engaged connections with key candidates over time. The solution enables recruiters to easily set up repeatable campaigns and automated reminders, and schedule key events to continually foster and nurture key connections. It provides organizations with the ability to engage and connect on an ongoing basis with passive job candidates — talented individuals within their database who may be a fit for future roles — to build stronger recruitment pipelines by function, position, or location. As a result, organizations can avoid missing out on the right people for the right positions when the timing didn’t originally align.
  • UKG Pro Workforce Continuity provides insight into the organization’s readiness and ability to respond to unplanned life events. It helps businesses support their people regardless of the circumstance — a global pandemic, hurricanes, wildfires, or acts of nature. The Workforce Continuity Hub allows HR to easily deploy Personal Impact Forms & Safety Check-ins to check on employees’ safety and ability to work. It also provides insights about current crisis events in a single dashboard, so administrators can quickly identify the business impacts that require immediate attention, minimizing disruptions to a customer’s business. The new wellbeing survey template in UKG Employee Voice can help organizations understand where employees may be fatigued or frustrated and at risk of burning out.
  • Responding to the need for flexible and innovative solutions to fill skills gaps, UKG is using the best elements of the gig economy to create more agile and connected talent ecosystems. UKG Pro Gig Explorer assists companies in tapping into the non-traditional talent of their workforce by creating a database of short-term gig assignments that provide employees with new opportunities grounded in hands-on learning. By leveraging technology within UKG Pro solutions, employees can self-select temporary assignments outside their normal role to gain valuable experiences for career exploration. Individuals are given agency and autonomy compared with company-directed opportunities, developing the stars that already exist inside their organization.
  • Building on the extensive natural language processing and machine-learning capabilities within UKG solutions, organizations can leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) across the UKG platform to help employees craft their best life-work experience. With UKG Pro’s performance feedback insights based on feedback intentions and themes, managers can more easily understand the type and nature of feedback their team members are getting (e.g., praise, criticism, citing evidence, or suggestions) in the context of employee behaviors and abilities ​(e.g., adaptability, empathy, reliability, work-ethic, etc.). Armed with this insight, they can provide more meaningful in-the-moment coaching to help their people succeed.
  • The latest UKG HR Service Delivery solutions are designed to build more intentional and meaningful connections for people, and more agile work solutions for organizations. UKG People Assist is being developed with an intelligent chatbot capability that understands not only the question, but also the intention behind the question. Employees can interact with a bot and search for information in the knowledge base and track the status of an existing request.
  • With the understanding that pay data is a vital measurement of workforce and organizational health, UKG is embedding AI recommendations in UKG Pro Pay to ensure accuracy and build trust with employees for the one thing that people are counting on their organizations to get right, every time. Smart pay analytics are designed to help Payroll Managers quickly uncover areas to focus (such as employees with hours that may be under or over reported) to ensure people are paid accurately the first time, every time.

“UKG responds to the necessity for meaningful interaction between technology and people through our product innovations, as well as ‘our purpose is people’ culture,” said Aron Ain, chairman and CEO of UKG. “We are proud to have made our employees and customers our priority throughout our history, and to make that spirit come alive in our solutions.”

[1] Forrester Consulting, “The Total Economic Impact™ Of UKG Pro And UKG Dimensions: Business Benefits And Cost Savings Enabled By UKG Pro And Dimensions”, March 2021


[2] Forrester Research, Inc., Forrester Wave Cloud Human Capital Management Suites, Q2 2020

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