Unifimoney Launches Premium Investment Choice Credit Card With Rewards Paid as Crypto, Gold or Equity

Points and rewards-based travel credit cards become less attractive as consumer behaviors shift to future wealth creation and using eco-friendly products

SAN FRANCISCO & NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Unifimoney, the investment and money management platform, today announced the launch of the Unifi Premier credit card – the latest innovation to the credit card market offering customers the choice to redeem their rewards as Bitcoin, Gold or Equity. The company has partnered with Railsbank, the leading global Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform.

Unifi Premier makes it effortless for customers to redeem cashback options in an investment asset of their choice. Furthering Unifimoney’s commitment to sustainability, Unifi Premier is produced from recovered ocean plastic with contributions to the Ocean Foundation.

“High-income professionals’ ability to efficiently manage and grow their wealth is limited by the need to manually work with multiple services and apps. To solve this problem, we created a comprehensive money management app to support the wealth ambitions and values of forward-thinking professionals who care about their financial well-being,” said Ben Soppitt, Co-Founder and CEO of Unifimoney. “By combining simplicity, clear value, technical innovation, philanthropy, and sustainability in a credit card, we hope to help our community maximize their hard earned money with rewards that invest in their future.”

As consumer behavior and lifestyles shift away from consumerism and towards investing in future wealth creation, points and rewards-based travel credit cards have become increasingly outdated. The Unifi Premier credit card offers high-income professionals the opportunity to maximize their hard earned money through a variety of investment channels, without dealing with the cumbersome setbacks of redeeming low-value rewards points from standard credit cards. Unifimoney is the only app that offers banking, credit, insurance, and four ways to invest including passive and active investing, cryptocurrency and precious metals including Gold, Silver and Platinum.

“Banking as a Service has led to the reimagination of so many financial products, delivering fairer finances for all. Credit cards were the last hold out, until now. Railsbank built Credit Card as a Service (CCaaS) to help companies such a Unifimoney bring their ideas to life with a turn-key, modern infrastructure, hassle free. Ben and his team have a depth of experience and wharf of amazing ideas to share with the world. We’re super excited to partner and pioneer!” Said Dov Marmor, Chief Operating Officer, Railsbank,N America.

“We’re excited to have Unifimoney onboard as a participant in our Fintech Fast Track program,” said Terry Angelos, SVP and Global Head of Fintech at Visa. “Unifimoney’s launch of a new credit card program follows the successful launch of their debit card with Visa last year and is an example of how our Fast Track program can help rapidly growing companies quickly launch new products and scale with efficiency.”

Planned to be live in Q3, applications for the Unifi Premier credit card will open to Unifimoney customers on a phased basis.

For more information, please visit www.unifimoney.com.

About Unifimoney

Unifimoney is an investment and money management platform. Its mission is to help build and protect the long-term wealth of millions of young professionals by taking out the effort and manual labor required to manage money optimally and automating the often repetitive and boring tasks involved.

Unifimoney offers a single mobile account that seamlessly integrates a high-yield checking account, credit and debit card, and investing. Offering a uniquely rich set of features and functionality combined with the simplicity of automation, Unifimoney is available in the IOS Appstore. For more information, please visit www.unifimoney.com.

About Railsbank

Railsbank is the pioneer and innovator in the global Banking as a Platform (BaaP) and Financial Services as a Platform (FSaaP) sectors, enabling banks, businesses and brands to define the future of consumer and SME finance. Railsbank is live and enabling customers in the UK, Europe, SE Asia and the US. It is the only global BaaP player.

The Railsbank platform enables marketers, product managers, developers, CEOs and founders to take their financial product vision and rapidly prototype, launch and scale using its open finance platform, operations, regulatory licensing and rich set of APIs.

Railsbank’s super simple APIs are the building blocks that customers can use to build pretty much any financial use case they can imagine, freeing up Railsbank customers to focus on delivering delightful finance experiences to consumers and businesses.

It was founded by serial entrepreneurs and fintech veterans Nigel Verdon and Clive Mitchell in 2016.


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