Unsupervised Lands $35 Million in Series B Financing to Automate Analytics

Round by Cathay Innovation and SignalFire, with participation from existing investors, to help expand first platform built on unsupervised AI for analytics

BOULDER, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Unsupervised, the first automated analytics platform, announced today that it has closed a $35 million Series B round by new investors Cathay Innovation and SignalFire with participation from prior investors Coatue, Eniac Ventures, NextGen Venture Partners and Elad Gil.

Customers at all stages of data maturity — from the Fortune 50 through the Fortune 5000 — have discovered over $52 million in opportunities to optimize their business in the first few months of 2021 with Unsupervised’s AI platform. This funding will accelerate both Unsupervised’s market growth and product roadmap, delivering even greater impact to more organizations.

“We’re on a mission to move customers from reactively using data to becoming data profitable,” said Noah Horton, CEO and co-founder of Unsupervised. “Finding and identifying insights is typically a laborious process, which is why the vast majority of an enterprise’s data never gets analyzed. Having gone through a series of ‘black swan’ events recently, organizations realize the need to uncover and act on insights faster. Unsupervised is providing customers a new way to turn data into actual money.”

Unsupervised’s singular end-to-end platform unlocks value in data for business teams. This includes automating tasks that typically require months and manual resources, such as data preparation, aggregation, feature engineering, and insight discovery. The platform not only accelerates analytical efforts by months, but frees people to focus on acting on uncovered insights, rather than the onerous process of trying to find them.

Examples of common use cases where the technology is in-use today include:

  • Generating new revenue streams
  • Optimizing customer retention and preventing churn
  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Lowering the costs of customer acquisition
  • Optimizing supply chain, distribution, and logistics
  • Identifying and mitigating financial risks, among other examples

“Unsupervised is pioneering AI augmented analytics and disrupting the way companies harness the power of Big Data with a new approach that is holistic and efficient with real, trackable value,” said Denis Barrier, Co-founder & CEO at Cathay Innovation. “We work closely with many of the world’s largest corporations and believe that Unsupervised’s game-changing tool addresses critical pain points for data and business teams that are understaffed and overwhelmed by today’s massive data growing pains. We’re honored to join their journey as they look to scale further and transform decision-making in the enterprise.”

Unsupervised plans to use the new funding to fuel key growth initiatives, including:

  • Enhance product offerings, including strategic partnerships with leading players in the data and analytics ecosystem (several of which are already major customers as well as partners);
  • Continued investment in scaling up the Unsupervised team, including in sales, marketing, product development and engineering, customer success and people operations;
  • Delivering innovation of the Unsupervised platform to drive even greater AI sophistication and data exploration while making the platform even easier to use for business leaders.

Unsupervised has raised more than $55 million to date in funding.

“Despite an explosion of data supply, a shortage of data scientists to analyze that data prevents companies today from realizing significant business value,” said Jonathan Lim, Principal at SignalFire. “Unsupervised solves this crisis by using AI to automate that analytics, enabling non-technical business users to directly identify and respond to opportunities to optimize top-line growth, customer acquisition, and ultimately profitability. SignalFire is excited to leverage our own AI expertise to help Unsupervised build the enduring automated analytics franchise.”

About Unsupervised

Unsupervised, the only platform built on unsupervised learning for analytics, empowers organizations to turn complexity into a competitive advantage. The company provides a platform to ensure businesses unearth hidden insights from all their data by automating data preparation and pattern discovery, and offers the ability to value, prioritize and track the return on those insights over time. Unsupervised is leading a transformation from reacting to data to becoming data profitable for the world’s most forward-thinking organizations.

To learn more, please visit unsupervised.com.

About Cathay Innovation

Cathay Innovation is a global venture capital partnership, created in affiliation with Cathay Capital, investing in startups at the center of digital revolution across North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Its global platform unifies technology investment across continents, investors, entrepreneurs and leading corporations to accelerate startup growth with access to new markets, invaluable industry knowledge and introductions to potential partners from the start. As a multistage fund with over $1.5 billion assets under management and offices across San Francisco, New York, Paris, Shanghai, Beijing and Singapore, Cathay Innovation partners with visionary entrepreneurs and startups positively impacting the world through technology. To learn more, please visit www.cathayinnovation.com or follow us on Twitter @Cathayinnov.

About SignalFire

SignalFire is the first venture capital firm built from the ground up as a technology company. The company invests in leaders with an uncommon passion, offering unprecedented data, advice, and access from seed to scale. With a hybrid technology and people-powered approach, the team is uniquely qualified to help founders navigate the toughest parts of building a company at every stage, including recruiting, expert advice, and a corporate network. Launched in 2013, the firm has nearly $1B in assets under management and has made notable investments in top Silicon Valley startups including Zume, Lyric, Ro, Grammarly, Color Genomics, ClassDojo and Frame.io among others.

For more information about SignalFire, please visit https://www.signalfire.com/.


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