Using DeFi & Blockchain Technology, Plastic Finance Try to Solve Plastic Conundrum

Plastic DeFi is serving plastic scavengers who are not served by banks.

KARAWANG, INDONESIA / ACCESSWIRE / April 29, 2021 / Former bankers, ex-capital market players, a plastic recycle entrepreneur, and prominent programmers from Bandung, Medan and Surabaya in Indonesia have been joining to build a DeFi (decentralized Finance) based apps that offer plastic grinds exchanger, plastic loans & saving bank, and plastic recycle based stable coins indexes.

Everybody knows that such effort to clean plastic waste in the second most plastic polluted nation, using digital mobile apps has been started from the last 4 years. To name a few, 2 other startups doing a similar thing. However, Plastic Finance more focuses on Plastic scavengers’ well-being, by using DeFi & Blockchain technology, We can cut middlemen on the supply chain to MRF (Material Recovery Facility) so giving them a fair price from our exchange, and access to credit facility through Plastic Finance DeFi.

Plastic Finance crowdfunding is creating the PLAS token that represents the economic rights of these efforts, so the token holders will get royalty payment paid from exchange spreads and DeFi transaction fees, that is why we establish a cooperative for it. Thus, the waste collectors as cooperative members will get the option to be paid by cash or place their plastic grinds as savings in the form of stable coins.

Only through DeFi we can scale trust of this campaign, because investors trust DeFi, trust the code, although there is not much freedom to use fund, but the DeFi growth from 2019 with only USD1billion total value locked (TVL) to USD60billion today’s TVL is testament how people trust DeFi more than CeFi (Centralised Finance).

AIRDROP campaign has just been launched with a total of 1.000.000 PLAS tokens allocated for the airdrop. Plastic Finance also is looking for seed investors for this campaign, and we need to make plastic conundrum a financial opportunity as plastic can be recycled and re-used. It has economical value and more room to grow, the whole plastic recycling business is valued at USD35 Billion and the total size of the plastic industry is USD625Billion.

To Sum up, Plastic Finance aims to be a Dapps (decentralized application), plastic grinds/pellets exchanger, DeFi, and recycle plastic grinds index all together. Currently, Plastic Finance has begun airdrop program for PLAS token a BEP-20 token (Binance Smart Chain), it will run until 20th May 2021. Everyone is welcome to participate, please visit our telegram. For more information visit our website.

Token Ticker: PLAS
Total Supply : 23.900.000 PLAS
Blockchain type: BEP-20

Contact Author:
Ario Bimasakti
Phone: +62 81282954121
Tweeter: @Plastic_Finance

SOURCE: Prosperity Plastic Waste Management,Inc

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