Virtium Introduces High-Performance DDR4 Memory Modules Featuring Top Capacities, Ultra-Small Form Factors, I-Temp Support

Industrys First 32GB DDR4 ULP Mini-UDIMM, Mini-RDIMM, SO-UDIMM Solutions, and First 64GB DDR4 ULP RDIMM Module Expand Virtium’s Ultra-Low-Profile Memory Family

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#DDR4–Virtium, a leading solutions provider of industrial solid-state drive (SSD) and memory solutions, today introduced a series of high-speed, small-form-factor memory modules. The new line of memory solutions includes three 32GB ultra-low-profile (ULP) DDR4 modules that represent the industry’s first of that capacity in Mini-UDIMM, Mini-RDIMM and SO-UDIMM form factors, as well as the first 64GB ULP RDIMM module. They feature Industrial Temperature (I-Temp) support to ensure consistent operation in extreme temperatures: between -40°C to 85°C.

The new memory modules are designed to provide space-constrained and airflow-restricted industrial-embedded designs with the highest capacity, performance and reliability — all in the smallest form factor. Applications that require such features are commonly found in the demanding industrial/embedded computing, network communications, industrial automation, transportation, medical and defense markets.

The modules’ high-ruggedization options include conformal coating, BGA underfill and thicker connections that mitigate the ill effects of harsh environments, such as shock, vibration and humidity. Industrial reliability is verified through 100 percent Test During Burn-In (TDBI) screening, which weeds out potentially weak memory.

“Industrial-embedded system makers have grown accustomed to Virtium’s ability to be first with high-density memory solutions that feature superior reliability and small form factors that take on demanding applications in the most challenging of environments,” said Virtium Vice President of Marketing Scott Phillips. “Their expectations are met once again with our new line of DDR4 memory modules — the first of their kind in terms of capacity, durability and form factors.”


  • Industry’s first 32GB DDR4 ULP Mini-UDIMM, Mini-RDIMM, SO-UDIMM and first 64GB DDR4 ULP RDIMM modules
  • High-speed DDR4 DRAM
  • Form factors ideal for space- and airflow-limited designs
  • I-Temp support to ensure reliable operation in extreme temperatures
  • Extensive ruggedization options for harsh environments
  • Verified reliability through TDBI screening

“Virtium is bringing to market its new DDR4 modules at an opportune time, as that market is experiencing rapid growth due in part to steadily increasing demand for high-capacity and -reliability memory solutions in the industrial-embedded sector,” said Mike Howard, Vice President of DRAM and Memory Research at Yole Developpement, a leading provider of market research in semiconductors and publisher of the DRAM Market Monitor quarterly report. “Worldwide, DDR4 revenue is expected to grow by 24 percent to over $45 billion in 2021.”

The new memory modules are sampling now. To learn more, visit our industrial memory page here, contact Sales here or call 888.VIRTIUM (888.847.8486).


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