Zedge Celebrates Earth Day by Becoming Carbon Neutral

Zedge to provide funding to Medford Spring Grassland Conservation project to offset carbon emissions, preserve wildlife and support biodiversity

Announces a limited-time special collection of Earth Day content available in Zedge’s highly popular mobile personalization app

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / April 20, 2021 / Zedge, Inc. (NYSE American:ZDGE), a leading global developer of mobile phone personalization and entertainment apps, today announced that it is now carbon neutral through its funding of a conservation project that will offset carbon emissions from its operations for one year, while also supporting biodiversity.

Zedge is offsetting the emissions from its employees’ travel and operations by contributing the associated carbon value to support the Medford Springs Grassland Conservation Project. Wildlife content is immensely popular on the Zedge app and identifying a carbon offset project that also promoted wildlife protection and bio-diversity were important components in the company’s decision.

“We are incredibly proud to be supporting the Medford Springs Grassland Conservation Project,” said Jonathan Reich, CEO of Zedge. “Just like so many of Zedge’s users, we are passionate advocates for wildlife conservation, carbon reduction, and doing our part as stakeholders of planet Earth.”

To commemorate Earth Day and build further awareness around many of the challenges facing the planet, Zedge has released a special collection of Earth Day-themed content, available in Zedge Premium, its marketplace that enables content creators to market and sell their art to Zedge’s 35 million monthly active users. The collection includes Live Wallpapers that feature stunning images of natural landscapes and wildlife. These limited-edition offerings will only be available through April 22nd in the flagship Zedge personalization app available in Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

A recent survey of Zedge Premium’s artists indicated a desire to mint and sell their content as NFTs. In light of the survey results, Zedge is exploring a variety of innovative carbon-conscious opportunities in the NFT space that will provide creators with new revenue streams while still maintaining the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

About Medford Spring Grassland Conservation
The Medford Spring Grassland Conservation Project helps to halt the loss of the remaining 50% of Colorado’s shortgrass prairie – an ecosystem being reduced at a higher rate than any other type of ecosystem in the state, and linked to the decline of several animal species. With the conservation of the Medford Spring grasslands, bison and black-tailed prairie dogs will help limit shrub and tree encroachment and preserve habitats for native swift fox, ferruginous hawks, burrowing owls, elk, pronghorn antelope, and the mountain plover.

About Zedge
Zedge is a leading app developer focusing on mobile phone personalization and entertainment. With approximately 482 million organic installs and more than 35 million monthly active users as of January 31, 2021. “Zedge Wallpapers and Ringtones” is all about personal identity. We’re the hub for self-expression used by millions for mobile phone personalization, social content and fandom art. Our app enables consumers to showcase who they are, what they like, and amplify their persona. Zedge Premium, our marketplace, enables content creators, ranging the gamut from world-class celebrities to emerging artists, to display their talent and sell their content to our users. “Shortz – Chat Stories by Zedge” offers serialized, short-form fiction stories delivered as text-messaging conversations and mini-podcasts. Our apps run on our flexible and proven state-of-the-art digital publishing platform. For more information, visit https://www.zedge.net.

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