Zia Building Maintenance Celebrates 32 Years in Business, 21 Years Under the Same Owners

Zia Maintains Impressive Client Retention, Retaining Clients for 10, 20, and Even 30 Years

ALBUQUERQUE, NM / ACCESSWIRE / April 23, 2021 / This spring, Zia Building Maintenance, a staple of the Albuquerque business community, celebrated 32 years in business and 21 years as a family-owned business. And their customer and team retention rate shows they’re doing things the right way.

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Since its founding, ownership transferred a few different times, though it’s been family-owned for the last 21 years. In the last few years, the current operations manager, Ashley Sanchez, has taken over the day-to-day operations from her mother and step-father, the current owners. Sanchez has continued to operate the company with the same level of customer satisfaction and continual emphasis on supporting employees. Sanchez takes pride in providing steady and valuable employment for a large crew of cleaning professionals. She explained,

“[We are] very employee-driven. Our employees are actually our first priority. However, they do go hand in hand with our customers. Without our customers, we wouldn’t have employees. Without our employees, we wouldn’t have our customers.”

And through keeping their employees happy, they’ve also produced many satisfied clients. In fact, many of their clients recently celebrated 20 years of using Zia for their janitorial services. They even have one client that has been with them all 32 years of the company’s existence.

Another thing that’s allowed Zia to flourish is adapting to the times. For example, since the advent of COVID-19, they’ve been able to offer 24-hour emergency sanitizing services. By incorporating electrostatic cleaning technology and an environmentally friendly solution, they’ve helped Albuquerque businesses keep their doors open and their employees safe throughout the pandemic. Sanchez shared that, unlike harsh chemical cleaners, the electrostatic applier,

“…positively charges the particles in it. So that way, when you spray up into the air, the solution sticks to everything, as opposed to when you typically spray something, you can see the particles falling down. These sprayers work-they stick to everything, and it becomes active as it dries.”

Zia Building Maintenance has also incorporated the use of ultraviolet lights for disinfecting spaces. Their agility, and allowing their customers flexibility throughout the most uncertain times of the pandemic, have allowed them to remain an industry leader.

About Zia Building Maintenance

Zia Building Maintenance provides full-service commercial cleaning services to Albuquerque businesses of every size. Their customer service and care for employees have made them a top janitorial service provider in Albuquerque for 32 years.


Ashley Sanchez
3306 4th St NW Unit C
Albuquerque, New Mexico

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