Agile Fuel Announces a Startup Initiative To Help Companies Grow Post Covid

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., May 4, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — After a turbulent year for businesses worldwide, there is light at the end of the tunnel and the world seems to be opening up again. And there is more good news for startups as Agile Fuel, a world-class provider of bespoke outstaffing services, has announced the launch of its Startup Program designed to help qualified early-stage tech companies recruit and grow the best engineering talent.

Agile Fuel has been helping companies around the world to find and manage their distributed workforce for the past six years, and the company sees the launch of its Startup Program as a way to give back to the sector. Keeping in mind the challenges ahead for many startups, the Agile Fuel Startup Program offers up to $12,000 in credits, a $100/month discount for every team member, for up to 10 vetted engineers, designers, or other tech specialists, along with a waiver of all team setup fees. The offering will enable startups, currently looking to the future with a sense of trepidation, to strengthen and grow as they come out of an unprecedentedly challenging year.

The last year’s Covid-19 outbreak saw a sharp decline in revenue for startups, with 72% reporting a drop and an average revenue reduction of 32% globally. Organizations of all sizes across the globe are having to rethink their business models in the wake of the pandemic, with many having announced layoffs in order to survive. In a smaller younger organization, however, reducing staff numbers can have catastrophic effects. Outstaffing, essentially hiring a distributed dedicated workforce via an agency, has proven to be the future of work, without sacrificing quality and reliability of delivery, for many of those startups.

At the other end of the spectrum are startups that have benefitted from the global pandemic. Doctor-on-demand apps, robot makers, streaming solutions, and others have seen an increased demand for their services, and entrepreneurs are looking at ways to thrive in the “new normal” that now feels tantalizingly close. Many companies are reporting “significant impact” from the tech-driven changes that they were forced into a year ago (19% improvement in new revenue streams, 21% increased revenue from existing revenue streams, 31% reduction in costs, and 34% improvement in employee experience), and it’s easy to see why tech-driven innovation is the future of the startup industry.

Agile Fuel seeks to assist companies, including startups by providing dedicated teams of remote workers from Ukraine’s IT sector which has bucked the coronavirus trend and gone from strength to strength over the past 12 months. This is outstaffing, not outsourcing. Agile Fuel clients get dedicated teams, not freelancers. Agile Fuel bears the responsibility for recruitment, onboarding and HR, and the client gets top-quality talent at a saving of 70% compared with what they would expect to pay in Western Europe or the US. Remote software development teams work from their offices in Ukraine to provide expert tech services to startups from across the globe.

Agile Fuel came into being in 2015 as the latest project of its founders who had previously worked for tech startups, giant software companies, and consulting firms in the Bay Area, and even founded their own successful companies. Their experience in the software development industry had made them think that there could be a better solution for startups and existing organizations in leveraging the best talent from across the globe while building a culture and a sense of togetherness despite physical distance.

The launch of Agile Fuel has coincided with a boom in the Ukrainian tech sector that has made outsourcing in Eastern Europe an attractive proposition for companies requiring software development solutions and remote app development. Ukraine is home to 185,000 IT professionals and 1,600+ tech companies and thanks to government backing for this thriving industry, that figure looks set to surge in the coming years. Each year, over 16,000 IT professionals plus 23,000 more engineering specialists graduate with certificates in technical disciplines from Ukrainian universities and major corporations including Microsoft, Samsung Electronics, Apple, Wargaming, Boeing, Skype, eBay, Siemens, IBM already have their R&D centers in the country.

A ‘2020 Global Managed Services Report’, based on a survey of 1,250 executives in 29 countries, showed that 45% of organizations expect to outsource more than insource in the next 18 months. This report was produced towards the beginning of the pandemic. Since the further evidence has shown that 28% of UK companies plan to outsource work with 37% of those businesses in the IT sector.

It seems that for all the disruption caused by Covid-19, it has heralded the emergence of a new wave of tech solutions that will see startups able to compete with larger organizations by outstaffing in Eastern Europe. With its Startup Program, Agile Fuel aims to put itself at the forefront of this particular digital transformation.

About the company:
Agile Fuel recruits and supports high-quality dedicated engineering teams that work out of the offices in Ukraine and are tailored specifically to each client’s technical requirements, culture, and communication needs. The agency is stack-agnostic, because it focuses on finding the right people for the specific needs, however commonplace or esoteric they may be. By taking care of recruiting and everything else on the HR and administrative side of things, Agile Fuel allows its clients to focus on direct engineering management and preserving their team culture.

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