AttoCore Wins Smart Junctions Project

5G Standalone Core Supporting AI Controlled Traffic Systems In Manchester

Cambridge, UK, 26th May 2021 – AttoCore, supplier of scalable and flexible 4G and 5G core solutions for private networks, is pleased to announce that it has been selected to participate in the UK government’s 5G Create programme, as a supplier to the Smart Junctions 5G project (SJ5G).

Led by Vivacity Labs, with project partners Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) and Weaver Labs, the SJ5G consortium is deploying a state of the art 5G Standalone network to support a sophisticated, Artificial Intelligence (AI) based technology for traffic signal control. This system will optimise Manchester’s traffic control, using better data to prioritise on traffic class and more quickly and dynamically respond to changes in the urban environment. The project also seeks to develop an innovative business model for Private Networks through Weaver Labs’ Cell-Stack and Network as a Service Marketplace, where TfGM leverages capital funding to improve productivity and offers excess bandwidth, to leverage private sector revenue, which provides long term sustainability for the 5G Network.

AttoCore’s role in the project will include the delivery of its Atto5GC Standalone Core into a purpose designed private network, which will be implemented in the n77 spectrum band (3.8GHz-4.2GHz). Atto5GC is a low cost, flexible and scalable solution, implemented as Docker containers within a Kubernetes architecture. It can be deployed in fully centralised configurations in the data centre and the Cloud, or can be distributed at edge locations, including low end COTS servers collocated with street furniture. This ability to support flexible configurations is of particular importance in dense urban, smart city environments, where network architecture has to take into account the identification of appropriate locations for deployment of base stations and the availability of backhaul.

Atto5GC provides connectivity for a network of Vivacity’s vision based sensors, which inform their sophisticated AI traffic signal control system. Low latency delivery of the sensors’ anonymised data outputs is a key requirement for enabling fast reaction to changing traffic conditions and the optimisation of latency has been a principal factor in the design and development of Atto5GC. Atto5GC will also integrate into Cell-Stack, an innovative orchestration and management platform, developed by SJ5G consortium member Weaver Labs.

Commenting on the involvement of AttoCore in the Smart Junctions 5G project, David Neil, AttoCore CEO said “We are grateful to the members of the Smart Junctions 5G consortium for selecting AttoCore to deliver a 5G Standalone Core solution in support of this AI based traffic optimisation project. Designed for low latency and flexible deployment, AttoCore’s Atto5GC Standalone Core is ideally suited for deployment in urban, smart city 5G networks. The Smart Junctions 5G network is an excellent exemplar for private networks in the n77 band and for telecoms vendor diversification.”

About AttoCore
AttoCore develops ultra-mobile 4G and 5G core network software that can be deployed in consumer, enterprise and service provider networks. Flexibility, small footprint and high quality make it particularly well suited to non-public (private) network, neutral host and rural Fixed Wireless Access applications. Deployment can be at the enterprise site, in the Cloud, as a standalone network, or interconnected with existing network services to extend wireless services anywhere in the world.

About Vivacity
At Vivacity, our vision is to make cities smarter, safer and more sustainable. Our AI sensors and ‘Smart Junctions’ signal control gather detailed and anonymous data 24/7 on transport modes, traffic flow and travel patterns, supporting strategic decisions to help optimise the transport network and improve urban infrastructure.

Vivacity was awarded the Queen’s Enterprise Award for Innovation in 2021. Our sensors have already been deployed in over 40 towns and cities across the UK, with our international expansion growing.

We are passionate about the protection of personal data and our sensors have been developed using privacy-by-design principles to ensure that personal data is never compromised. For more information please visit:

About Transport for Greater Manchester
TfGM deliver the transport policies set by the Greater Manchester Mayor and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority. TfGM are responsible for investing the public’s money in improving transport services and facilities, to support the regional economy.

About Weaver Labs
At Weaver Labs, we are creating an open and shared marketplace of connectivity assets, with an extensive focus on security, to accelerate innovation by enabling connectivity. Our innovative software layer called Cell-Stack aggregates all the necessary components to build Networks and access connectivity on-demand.

We believe that an open marketplace of connectivity assets can truly democratise access to reliable networks, and stimulate innovative applications making networks accessible to new industries and citizens that require reliable connectivity. Through prioritising security in a diverse supply chain and building trust with an open infrastructure model, we believe that these are the fundamental foundations needed to foster innovation and thus, create a positive impact on society.

Source: RealWire

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