Decentralized Finance and Fundraising: The case of Occam Fi

Occam Association is excited to announce their IDO launching through the OccamRazer platform – DeFIRE – a project incubated and nurtured by OccamFi and powered by Changelly.

Decentralized Finance and Fundraising: The case of

ZUG, SWITZERLAND / ACCESSWIRE / May 6, 2021 / First, what is decentralized Finance (DeFi)? DeFi is an inclusion of all the financial services that don’t have a central authority (a particular person or organization in charge). Financial system services include; money transfer, savings plans, loans, stock market, and insurance. Traditionally, the financial system is centralized and the authorities in charge are banks, insurance companies, and stock markets. And these institutions also have someone in charge. The centralized finance system has risks such as fraud, corruption, or mismanagement. Using cryptocurrencies (decentralized money e.g Bitcoin) one can build exchanges, insurance companies, and lending services that aren’t owned or controlled by any authority.

Traditionally, when one needed to start a new business venture, they’d find ways of raising funds either through bank loans or bringing together a group of people physically or online. In the case of decentralized finance, fundraising is Blockchain-based and is referred to as crowdfunding. Initially starting with ICOs (initial coin offerings) to a much more refined IDO models (Initial Dex Offerings), better known to many as launchpads. Some advantages of this decentralized fundraising include speed, flexibility, automation, efficiency, and the ability for projects to get funded by investors from all over the globe. Most of the action has thus far taken place on Ethereum. Until now.

Enter to the DeFi world, on the Cardano network.

What is offers the first decentralized fundraising launchpad for Cardano called OccamRazer. A platform that enables new Blockchain projects to raise funds as well as giving investors early access to the tokens or coins. Cardano is a Blockchain platform based on proof-of-stake (PoS) onto which Dapps or decentralized projects can be built. Just like Facebook is built on the internet, decentralized applications (Dapps) are built on the Cardano network.

OccamRazer will enable projects to raise funds by providing many types of unique fundraising mechanisms. Presenting a robust working product, where every project can carry out fundraising in a decentralized manner. It suits various fundraising profiles and is intended to drive the unlocking of Cardano ecosystems’ liquidity.

Apart from the Launchpad, plans to launch a decentralized exchange (DEX) and a DAO-based layer for governance.

The Occam ecosystem will be operating through OCC tokens which will be launched as Cardano native tokens. The OCC tokens will be used to access liquidity pools, and for staking.

The Problem solves

The traditional way of fundraising has disadvantages such as exclusivity, cost efficiency, and a limited possibility of investors. On the other hand, most of the decentralized fundraising systems that have come up before still face shortcomings such as bias, and volatility.

Cardano’s ADA has been considered valueless before because ADA holders couldn’t stake the tokens for the purposes of yield generation. ADA had limited uses and utility. Cardano, therefore, has a large pool of dormant liquidity. Introducing DeFi on Cardano will pave way for projects to be launched on Cardano. Also, such projects will be in need of an efficient decentralized fundraising vehicle.

The solution offers a simple proposition aimed at assisting various types of projects that are seeking that initial investment. This solution is to be offered efficiently. Through fundraising for private and public rounds.

Additionally, through OccamRazer, Occam addresses issues of speed and cost of fundraising while solving all the other shortcomings of the current decentralized exchange fundraising. The shortcoming includes volatility and intricacies that are unaccounted for. The OccamRazer product is also intended to provide value by being user-friendly.

What Makes Occam a Great Solution?

OccamRazor is bringing speed, low cost, and transparency to decentralized financing. Also, it will accommodate all types of project sizes from the smallest to the largest.

Currently, Ether holders find it hard to fund new projects that are built on other blockchains. Through the cross-chain bridge that Occam will create they will be able to do that.

Occam will allow utilization of the dormant liquidity on Cardano giving the ADA token more value. Up until now, has been a huge unrealized benefit to the Cardano community,


In conclusion, comes as good news to both Cardano and the new projects that want an inclusive, efficient, and cost-effective decentralized fundraising projects. If the platform succeeds, the larger Cardano community and Ethereum investors stand to benefit immensely.

Occam won’t just add to the Defi world.

It will unleash the potential of what has been up until now dormant sleeping giant known as Cardano.

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