Experienced Executive and International Humanitarian Howard Ash Joins Greyledge Technologies as Member of the Board

The seasoned executive will support and further the biotech company’s cell therapeutics growth by facilitating access to new markets.

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#David_Karli–Howard Ash joins Greyledge Technologies, Inc. (“Greyledge” or “the Company”) as a newly appointed member of the board. His vast network of contacts and profound strategic abilities, paired with extensive executive experience, are ideal qualifications to help him facilitate the cell therapeutics company’s expansion into new markets while maintaining its stringent quality standards.

Founder and CEO, Dr. David Karli, expects Howard Ash’s involvement to further the company’s mission considerably and sustainably: “Mr. Ash is exceptional at strategically connecting people within his vast network to drive value to companies, diverse industries and global markets,” Dr. Karli says. “We’re humbled and honored to have an accomplished Executive with his pedigree and capabilities on our Board of Directors. As Greyledge continues efforts to scale our novel cellular therapeutics platform aggressively, Howard will be an invaluable asset to open access to new markets, while helping us maintain healthy capitalization and operational preparedness to manage that growth effectively.”

Howard Ash draws from extensive experience in business and finance. He has served as CEO, COO, and CFO to a variety of high-profile, international companies. He served as COO of BioCard Corporation (1997 to 2007) and CEO of the high profile IEDC Marketing, Inc. (1992 to 1996), to name but a few examples. In addition to his new position at Greyledge, Howard Ash continues to serve on the Advisory Board of the UK-based E2Exchange, the Institute of Entrepreneurs, a position he has filled since 2011 as the only non-UK citizen.

The focus on technologies and companies that improve the situation of many in this world has been part of Howard Ash’s trajectory for his entire life. In 1987, he started an interest-free micro-loan society that has provided more than $15 million in micro-loans throughout the United States and Israel. In 1999, he founded the Circle of Life Resource Center, Inc., a food bank in Miami, Florida that feeds several hundred families per week. From 2009 to 2014, he also served in senior development and strategic capacity for One Laptop Per Child, a global NGO created to provide educational opportunities providing laptops to the world’s poorest children.

Howard Ash’s career began with a Bachelor of Commerce degree with Honors in Accounting and Law, which he earned in 1980 from the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa. With his new position on the Board of Greyledge Technologies, he continues to leverage relationships on a personal and business level to create meaningful added value synergies.

For more information regarding Greyledge and its biologic products and services, please email info@greyledgebiotech.com.

About Greyledge, Inc.

Founded in 2010 in Colorado, Greyledge is an industry-leading biotech company specializing in cell therapeutics produced from a patient’s own blood or bone marrow tissue. Greyledge has developed industry-leading quality control systems to process these biologic therapy products, used in treating common Orthopedic conditions. The Company is dedicated to maximizing product quality, safety, and reliability in a manner compliant with Federal regulations and ethical standards. The Company has refined its scientific technology, and since 2017, has been driven to achieve sustained profitability and scalability.

Its novel approach to measuring, quantifying, and researching precise measurements of complex cell populations in its products will allow the company to rapidly advance scientific understanding and product optimization by combining and studying detailed product analytics with patient-reported outcomes data. Greyledge is headquartered in Denver, CO, and operates services in four strategic states, including Texas, Michigan, and Georgia. Greyledge currently operates ten proprietary cell processing facilities. Its clients include private orthopedic practices, hospitals, academic institutions, surgical centers and physician networks.

For more information, visit: http://www.greyledgebiotech.com.

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