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LONDON,UK / ACCESSWIRE / May 25, 2021 / In recent years, the number of companies operating in The Finance and The Technology sector have developed exponentially, especially those in the field of blockchain and security technology using cryptocurrencies. Along with the recent changes and intersections between finance, technology, and stocks, many of these companies have simultaneously filed for listing on stock exchanges.Example of these companies are: Coinbase, Riot Blockchain; et cetera. Microstrategy has successfully listed on the world’s largest stock exchange – Nasdaq.

Digital financial investments can be a remarkably profitable endeavour however it can be difficult to grow your fortune in an online world because you need to keep track of trades, manage community presence and optimize funds. There can be too many things to do on too many platforms leading to errors, missed opportunity and inconvenience . It is time to simplify the entire process with FTX Fund. FTX fund is an all-in-one platform, a single platform, for all your trading, payments, cryptocurrencies needs.

FTX Fund

FTX Fund is a blockchain platform business under FTX Finance LTD, founded with a mission to create a massive platform in the blockchain industry. FTX Finance is a company specializing in investment and financial technology. FTX Finance was founded in the UK by a team with extensive experience in hedge funds, financial technology, and global trade from the EU, US, and Asia.

FTX Fund focuses on the following areas: Digital Real Estate Exchange, Decentralized Exchange, E-Commerce, Business Social Network and International Payment Gateway.

The Goal is to build an all-in-one platform, everything you need to grow financially is available in a single package, a single platform, a single device. Financial freedom has never been so simple. You use FTX tokens to buy and sell goods on more than 20 exchanges worldwide and as payments on the FTX business social network pay for millions of hotel systems around the world and book tickets on hundreds airlines. Experience instant trading with FTX funds ATMs.

The solid foundation of FTX Finance LTD is realized through FTX Fund, and its 5 pillars:

1. Decentralized Exchange – WOWIDEX

FTX Fund defines a brand that revolutionizes financial technology and cryptocurrencies. We aim to establish a financial trading platform based on new technology not only for professional traders. New features in the technology platform and gameplay will be realized at the WOWIDEX marketplace. This is one of the five sustainable ecosystems of FTX Fund.

The most outstanding, different, and convenient functions for traders will be available on this decentralized exchange. The WOWIDEX platform will be announced soon based on our development roadmap

FTX Fund helps simplify the trading process, on a single decentralized exchange, you can have: Intelligent AI trading, a business social network, the FTX token: a powerful decentralized token, and the freedom of e-commerce.

2. E-Commerce – ONSTORA

Enabling eCommerce through and easier way to integrate in a decentralised world of trade.

This is based on the fact that Blockchain technology operates on a distributed model that records all transactions in order to maintain the authenticity of information on a secure global network. We create a platform that makes it easy for users to shop through a worldwide network of partners. FTX Fund integrates payment cards with the payment systems of intermediaries like Visa, Matercard and Unipay to make FTXF payments of fiat currencies in over 180 countries. ONSTORA also integrates with hotel and air reservation and booking systems.

3. Digital Real Estate – DIASPLAT

The sales or marketing system of real estate products are changing the way that real estate developers and brokers transact

With blockchain technology, anyone can own real estate globally.. Digital real estate, or tokenized real estate, is gradually popular in the world, and has become an unprecedented hot trend. Start-ups have also taken advantage of this leverage to grow business (ed. How and why does this mean to them?)

FTX Fund implements the DIASPLAT ecosystem applying blockchain to digitize and trade real estate globally.

4. Business Social Network – WETAON

Social media has just become an indispensable tool in the process of social development for less than 20 years, but thousands of social interaction applications have been born in which each channel serves a specific group of people.

Which focuses on entertainment, technology, and marketing politicians among others WETAON, a corporate social network, aims to be a brand that focuses on entrepreneurship- a core generation determines the development of the world’s economies.

5. Paymentgate Global – PAYGATE

FTX Fund creates a payment gateway (PAYGATE) with the aim of leveraging global financial resources. Based on superior payment technology and decentralized blockchain technology, PAYGATE aspires to become an all-in-one, multi-system payment system that creates a successful pipeline providing financial services, digital assets,(or multinational forms of finance and money). FTX Fund’s ecosystems will be leveraged through this payment gateway system. (edMaybe refer to the fact that you can use FTXF as a FIAT gateway where you can withdraw funds).

Add that you can a) transfer FTXF into Fiat, add payments via payment cards. Users can experience instant trading using the FTXFund ATMs, as the platform integrates payment card with the payment gateways such as Visa or Mastercard to convert FTXF into fiat currency in over 180 countries.

Token & Tokenomics

The FTX Fund token ticker is FTXF and is based on the Ethereum network using layer II via Binance Smart Chain (BSC) BEP-20. The FTX Fund token will be used for all FTX Fund platform services. The FTX Fund token allocation is as follows and is subject to change at the time of launch.

The total FTX Fund token supply is 100.000.000. And pre-mining only 8 million tokens in total supply. The remaining amount will be minted by the multi-year multiplier already announced in the published smart contract

A fast-growing development plan:

FTX Fund’s business goals in 2021 and the following years focus on the following plans:

  • Launched Decentralized Platform on BSC in 1Q/2021
  • Launching a Public Sale and IEO on MXC, in 2Q//2021
  • Launching a Decentralized Exchange (Wowidex), an E-commerce reverse auction (Onstora), and listing on major exchanges in 3Q/2021
  • Announcing the Paygate payment gateway and Business Social Network in 4Q/2021
  • Issuing electronic shares and launching a encryption real-estate and digital asset exchange (Diasplat) from Q1/2022
  • Listing shares on OTCMarkets and international exchanges from 3Q/2022 to 2025

Meet FTX Fund

FTX Fund representatives will participate at the BTSLabs China Tour Shanghai. Several top notch projects will be presented and It will be discussing about the regulatory system and compliance of the global blockchain, and about new trends in the blockchain market.


UK Headquarter: 40 Gracechurch Street, London, EC3V 0BT, United Kingdom
CA Headquarter: 116 Albert (City of Ottawa, Ontario), Canada


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