GATC’s Predictive Multiomics Technology Can Improve Human Health

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / May 21, 2021 / Imagine knowing what effect on a person’s unique DNA has on contracting a viral disease, such as COVID-19, before an infection occurs. Recent advances in science and technology, like those made by GATC Health Corp, represent a fundamental shift in healthcare; doctors and their patients can now have access to accurate predictions for likelihood to contract a disease, associated health outcomes, and suggested treatments specifically designed to be compatible with the patient’s unique DNA.

GATC Health is at the forefront of this healthcare revolution. The company utilizes proprietary Predictive Multiomics™ and Multiomics Advanced Technology™ (MAT) tools to bring affordable personalized medicine to the masses and apply its technology platform for faster and safer drug development by pharmaceutical companies.

To understand GATC’s capabilities, a person should be made aware of Predictive Multiomics -which is a new approach where the data sets of different biochemical processes are combined into a digital human physiological model. The different biochemical strategies are combined into a predictive interactive map of potential outcomes. The company has also built a sophisticated artificial intelligence platform, MAT, allowing GATC to analyze a person’s “omics,” including but not limited to the entire genome, transcriptome, proteome, microbiome and virome. This powerful combination of science and AI allows for an accurate assessment of an individual’s physical state and predicts how he or she will react to specific diseases, treatments and other interventions. MAT employs advanced genomic processing tools to analyze billions of biological data points with industry-leading speed. This innovative technology has the power to transform healthcare and drive a transition in healthcare and personal wellbeing from reactive to proactive treatments.

GATC has developed multiple DNA-based tests over the past year, including a Viral Immunity Platform™ (VIP), Diabetes, Health & Wellness, and Depression/Anxiety. The company expects to announce the launch (via a license agreement with Beyond Wellness) of a cardiovascular DNA test, which can predict an individual’s risk of diseases that include preventable adverse cardiac events.

“We live in a unique moment in time,” said John Stroh, Interim CEO of GATC Health, “when radical advancements in science and technology can rapidly transform healthcare. GATC’s technologies allow us to predict individual responses. We overlay a disease state on a virtual human to understand how and why certain people differ in their response to a disease or treatment. For individuals, this is a giant step closer to true personalized medicine, where treatments are matched to your specific genetic and biological composition. For our current and future pharma partners, it means eliminating millions of man hours of development time for therapeutics, lowering drug development costs and accelerating speed to market. We can accomplish these amazing goals by working with the right licensing and distribution partners for our DNA test kits and by teaming up with researchers, biomarker discovery companies, consultants, and pharma companies looking for a competitive advantage.”

GATC recently partnered with a biomarker discovery firm to study cocaine addiction. Their goals involved identifying the biomarkers responsible for triggering the condition, and investigating whether different molecules can “turn off” the biomarkers. With only a few weeks of data analysis, GATC’s MAT platform was able to discover new molecules (patents pending) which could be used as the basis for new or additional treatments-potentially saving millions of dollars in drug development expenses. The company’s scientific team believes MAT saved approximately 1.5 million manual hours in what is typically a 7 million man-hour drug development cycle.

The ability of artificial intelligence to collect and process trillions of data points from sources all over the world is fueling medical advancements at a furious pace, providing patients, clinicians, studies, pharma and trials with insight and efficiencies. Josh Bois, CEO of Global Capital Network says, “We believe that GATC technology is unparalleled in its niche of predictive multiomics and will provide exceptional opportunities for individuals to take a more active role in their personal wellbeing as well as assist and add value to companies in the medical field; the combination should result in lower drug cost, more consumer information, and personalized medicine that can make for a longer, healthier and happier life.”

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