How is Raze Network Redefining Privacy for the Polkadot Ecosystem

SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / May 3, 2021 / When Satoshi Nakamoto’s curious comment made headlines advocating the brink of a second bailout of banks, the concept of cryptocurrencies and modern finance came into existence. This alternative to money enabled circumventing from the monopoly of central banks and redefining the privacy factor in the financial sphere. With the industry’s growth, Ethereum came into existence, laying a solid foundation for deploying decentralized applications.

In today’s world, several applications are contributing to the development of decentralized finance. However, as the industry matures, people are concerned about the privacy implications of the transactions. Users are concerned about the exposure of real identity to their wallet addresses that associate with balances due to the nature of the blockchain providing complete transparency.

With a wide range of use cases, the blockchain lost its primary use cases extending to smart contracts, decentralized applications, tokenized assets, NFTs, and others. High-speed blockchains like Polkadot drove massive innovation. With Polkadot’s highly scalable ecosystem, one of the projects aiming to create a massive impact is Raze Network.

The Middleware Infrastructure to bolster privacy factor in the DeFi space

The ever-growing Polkadot ecosystem addressed issues relating to scalability, interoperability, and security. In order to reinforce privacy in the DeFi space, the founders of Raze Network built a middleware cross-chain privacy protocol to preserve the financial freedom of the users by providing increased transparency. Building a middleware infrastructure solution helps in empowering Dapps in the ecosystem. Raze Network is a trustless privacy protocol with a core objective of maintaining confidentiality and anonymity for end users. As a privacy-preserving layer for the Polkadot ecosystem, Raze Network allows users to mystify their financial information before actively participating in the Polkadot ecosystem. To do so, it leverages the substrate-based chains.

Raze Network’s innovative solution allows projects to mint privacy tokens pegged to the base tokens to maintain anonymity. The ratio for minting privacy tokens pegged to native project tokens is 1:1. It allows projects to convert tokens to anonymous privacy tokens and redeem tokens to the native tokens when required. It also facilitates seamless transfer with an anonymity factor preserving the privacy of both the sender and receiver.

While protecting from surveillance, Raze is on its mission to build a comprehensive cross-chain infrastructure for the entire DeFi stack comprising trading platforms, gaming platforms, decentralized applications, prediction markets, and many more. The solid use case of the Raze Network plans to usher the next generation of applications towards parabolic growth.

Levelling up the innovation game for next-generation projects

With the successful IDO and upcoming product launch, Raze Network is looking for strong teams looking to leverage its unique benefits and architecture in new and interesting ways. By enabling the privacy factor, Raze Network is providing opportunities to build applications for a decentralized future. It is employing bold technology while connecting passionate users to experience true decentralization. It has designed an advanced ecosystem to level up the privacy landscape to fuel adoption.

Annie Clain
Outreach Manager Raze Network

SOURCE: Raze Network

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