Keeping The Faith Is The Motto Of The LR Global Media Group Which Speaks To Their Purpose Of Faith Based Empowerment Of Entrepreneurs. Find Out More Below

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 24, 2021 / Faith can be a helpful guide for many people. Whether it is a pastime to gain a community with similar faith based ideals, have a hobby, or practice a religion fully, religion and faith play huge roles in many people’s lives. With many faith communities becoming virtual during the pandemic, it has become more accessible than ever.

However, we rarely think of faith being combined with a business. LR Global Media Group is a media company with a faith based empowerment division, and apparel division. LR Global Media Group assists small, medium, and large businesses with their brand awareness. LR also helps the masses redesign their personal and spiritual lives using faith based principles through online teachings, coaching, e-books, conferences and more.

Through direct coaching, publications, events, and much more, LR Global Media Group has advanced the brands of many organizations, and personality. The group feels like they have been called to empower people with faith based principles through their work, which is reflected in their catch phrase and motto being “keep the faith”. This phrase emphasizes the core values of their faith based missions while encouraging entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and trust in themselves.

LR has harnessed the power of social media, particularly Twitter, to propel themselves to the top of the business world. Now, LR Global Media Group is a well known household name with reach in over 50 countries.

In addition to their core mission of brand awareness, marketing, media, and much more, LR Global Media emphasizes groups that are typically forgotten like female entrepreneurs, for example. The company boasts having helped thousands of women achieve their goals.

The founder of LR Global Media, Tera Carissa Hodges, is a strong, female entrepreneur who believed early on that her mission in life was to help people. She left her corporate job to pursue this calling and through her faith and entrepreneurial savviness, created the LR Global Media Group.

“Having a knowing since 16 that I was called to empower people with faith based principles, I set out to begin the journey of empowering others. My love for media has not waivered, so though I continued to work on media gigs after leaving full time corporate work, in 2016, I launched my own full time media company, which is now a 7 figure, international company,” Tera Carissa Hodges explains.

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Paula Henderson

SOURCE: LR Global Media Group

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