LOCGame & Ferrum Launch Legendary Staking Program

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS / ACCESSWIRE / May 6, 2021 / The revolutionary blockchain gaming platform, LegendsOfCrypto (LOCGame) is launching its Legendary Staking Program in partnership with Ferrum Network. The program will officially begin on May 7, 1600 UTC giving $LOCG token holders the opportunity to earn amazing rewards of up to 215% APY in 60 days. The second pool will reward users with unique NFT cards and decks from Genesis Edition.

This announcement comes as the latest in a series of exciting new developments that have seen LOCGame become more lucrative for its players and investors alike.

LOCGame x Ferrum partnership
LOCGame chose Ferrum as its partner in the staking program because of the network’s innovative technology that is transforming how users interact with decentralised technologies. The platform is easy to use, which enables all kinds of users to participate in the LOCGame staking program effortlessly. Investors do not necessarily need to have technical knowhow for them to access and participate in the program thus making it very convenient and stress free engagement.

Additionally, Ferrum allows users to exchange value across numerous blockchain and decentralised networks in a fast, cheap, and efficient manner. The network facilitates cross-chain transactions thus enabling users to trade and interact with various crypto tokens from different protocols. This is a revolutionary functionality that users can leverage to reap immense benefits from the DeFi sector.

Therefore, by partnering with Ferrum Network, LOCGame is not only allowing users to participate effortlessly in its staking program but also empowers them to take advantage of the various opportunities in DeFi to further boost their earnings.

Staking Details
The LOCGame staking program presents an opportunity for $LOCG holders to lock their tokens to earn additional rewards through their high yielding returns. The amazing returns make the program a lucrative exercise that is aimed at making it more attractive to many users. A high number of stakers will strengthen the LOCGame ecosystem making it more attractive to players and other investors.

To be able to access the program and stake the tokens, users will need to have their $LOCG stored in a Metamask wallet. They will then be required to visit the following link (staking contract) to connect their wallet and stake the tokens.

Once connected, all is required is choosing the pool in which to deposit the tokens, then sit back and wait for the rewards to be deposited in their wallet upon the end of the staking period.

Two Staking Pools Available
There will be two types of staking on the LOCGame program; legendary staking pool and legendary NFT staking pool.

The Legendary Staking pool has a 60-day maturity period with returns of 215% APY. There is a mandatory lock period of 30 days from which users then are able to withdraw their $LOCG from the program for a 20% APY. This pool will officially begin on May 7, 1600 UTC and is open for 7 days with a max cap of 1,500,000 $LOCG.

The legendary NFT Mining staking pool can be accessed using this link.

It has a similar 60-day maturity period and 30 days’ mandatory lock period. The rewards in this pool are unique. After 30 days rare NFT cards and decks will be awarded to wallets that stake LOCG for 30+ days. Custom-made special NFT card of Staking Legend will be distributed as an extra award to a random winner at 60 days holding period.

The rewards in Legendary NFT mining pool are calculated and distributed as follows:

  1. Pool snapshot at 30 days after closing:
  • Lottery for most valuable 5 decks out of 20 first issuance in Genesis Edition
  • 5 Decks: 1 Special Deck, 2 Limited Decks, 3 RareDecks to be won;
  1. Pool snapshot at maturity:
  • Lottery for most valuable 5 decks out of 20 first issuance in Genesis Edition
  • 10 Decks: 2 Special Deck, 3 Limited Decks, 5 RareDecks to be won;

LOCGame is a new NFT gaming startup that has attracted a lot of interest from investors such as Signum Capital, LD Capital, and NGC. Following the launch of the staking program LOCGame will attract blockchain gaming enthusiasts and new inventors who did not get an opportunity to invest in an earlier round.

If you are interested in earning $LOCG tokena and win rare NFT cards from the upcoming Genesis Edition of LegendsOfCrypto, go to https://locgame.io/staking and start staking now.

The offer is only available for 7 days and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Happy staking!

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