Luther and Fidal are Founding Unyer – A New Global Organisation of Leading International Professional Services Firms

  • A global reach, one exclusive member per country and an approach that offers more than legal advice are main drivers and benefits
  • unyer is a game changer and addresses client’s needs in drastically changing markets
  • unyer’s members share a compelling industry focus and closeness and will advise in all matters across all jurisdictions
  • Founding members Luther and Fidal share a similar fit and approach and expect new members to match this

COLOGNE, GERMANY and PARIS, FRANCE / ACCESSWIRE / May 5, 2021 / Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH (Luther) and FIDAL (Fidal) are today announcing the foundation of unyer, a new global organisation. Fidal and Luther plan to expand their international reach by forming a branded organisation of leading international professional services firms. Luther and Fidal, both leading independent law firms in Germany and France respectively, are joining forces as founding partners and are thus taking the next step in their strategic development. unyer has a global reach, one exclusive member per country and provides much more than legal services.

unyer is unique. With a global platform, shared culture and a full-service offer, unyer will meet the expectations of new members that will remain independent in their jurisdictions while globally connected through unyer. This organisation is already made up of more than 2,000 lawyers and professionals in more than 10 countries across Europe and Asia and has a turnover of more than EUR 500 million. unyer’s strategy is to expand into the top 20 economies worldwide in the coming years.

A global approach and connectivity with strong local expertise in major markets and regions will increasingly become pivotal in decision making. unyer is the perfect answer to this megatrend. The members of unyer will have the capabilities to perform high-value legal work in an increasingly complex environment, stemming from cross-border flows of money to the proper use of ideas or innovation or the structuring of international transactions in various fields of today’s economies.

“Today, we are very proud to be announcing the foundation of a truly unique global organisation: unyer.” says Christine Blaise-Engel, CEO of unyer and Senior Partner at Fidal, and continues: “We believe that with our new organisation and approach we are fulfilling all our client’s requirements in a drastically changing environment. With unyer we can provide all services in all jurisdictions, legal and beyond.”

Dr Markus Sengpiel, member of the unyer Executive Committee and Co-Managing Partner at Luther, adds: “Our strongest motivation in creating unyer was a broader internationality and exclusivity, which other organisations do not have to the same extent. By adding scale, a compelling industry focus and a distinctive innovative power we are now forming a game changer. And we are open for new members if they have a similar fit and approach.”

unyer is a game changer
Clients’ needs in the international market are changing rapidly and significantly. unyer accompanies clients as a pioneer, offering complementary and scalable services and tools, e.g. in legal tech or other innovative solutions. This will shape future markets – in respect of professional services and also with regard to clients’ international success. unyer combines the professional skills of highly experienced lawyers together with a broad range of advisors in other practice areas – the members of unyer are strategists and innovators. They anticipate and adapt to the needs of the market. unyer reflects the desire to set new standards for international professional services firms and shows a new way of perceiving business advisory practice.

unyer is the only organisation worldwide that will admit only one member from each jurisdiction – on an exclusive basis. New member firms will have a full-service offering and a strong industry focus. With these very clear criteria for its members, unyer will offer a significantly higher degree of identification and is therefore well positioned to compete with large global law firms. unyer’s clients will benefit from the knowledge and leading position of unyer’s members in their respective countries.

A compelling industry focus
unyer’s industry mindset reflects the needs of an industry focused market. Luther and Fidal have significant ties in their respective industries, based on the geographical spread of strong and well-established offices nationwide that are closely connected to the business networks. unyer anticipates the changes of markets and industries and incorporates megatrends in the solutions proposed to its clients and can therefore better orientate them in the changing demands of the markets.

unyer’s members advise in all matters across all jurisdictions. Together, they seamlessly manage their client’s full-service needs and build a leading global organisation for the next generation and beyond. This allows unyer to offer its clients the most notable benefit: the best possible solutions with a one-stop approach under an international overarching brand.

A perfect fit
Fidal and Luther as founding partners have much in common, share the same vision and values and have a very similar hands-on approach. Both operate alike, being full-service firms with multiple decentralised offices and in close proximity to their clients. Both are powerful players in their respective markets. Both are innovative and offer tailor-made solutions for a global client base. Both have strong brands and have similar industry expertise and focus; both know how a global organisation operates.

unyer intends to attract new members, which will be considered if they have a similar fit and culture, pragmatic approach, and strong position and reputation in their respective markets. The organisation is not only open to law firms across the globe, but is also promoting other professional services, especially innovative legal tech. A Swiss Verein is the umbrella for each member firm, which will retain their separate legal status and branding in their respective local markets.
unyer is taking the first step in creating a new global player.

About unyer

unyer, founded by Luther and Fidal in 2021, is a global organisation of leading international professional services firms. Besides law firms, unyer is also open to other related professional services, especially from the legal tech sector. unyer is based in Zurich as a Swiss Verein. unyer is globally connected but has strong local roots in their respective markets. unyer has an exclusive approach and only accepts one member firm from each market. unyer offers their clients full services across all jurisdictions with a compelling industry focus. Currently the organisation has a total revenue of more than EUR 500 million and comprises over 2,000 lawyers and professionals in more than 10 countries across Europe and Asia.

About Fidal
Fidal, an independent French law firm, has been a benchmark in the business world since 1922. We strive to use the law as a driving force to bring value-added to benefit economic players and our regions. Convinced that beyond exigency and technical expertise, it is the audacity and personality of our lawyers which makes the difference, we are committed to building lasting relationships, based on trust, transparency and mutual respect. Our distinctive organisation enables us to exercise our profession in a unique way, working closely with our clients and their challenges, in France and internationally. The firm draws on the expertise of its 1300 lawyers located in 90 offices across France. Fidal is a member of the WTS Global tax network. Fidal was named “Law Firm of the Year” and “French Law Firm of the Year” by the Monde du Droit in 2020.

About Luther
Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH is a leading German commercial law firm that offers comprehensive legal and tax advice. The full-service law firm employs over 420 lawyers and tax advisors and is represented in ten German economic hubs as well as with ten of its own international offices in key investment locations and financial centres in Europe and Asia. Its clients include medium-sized enterprises and large corporations, as well as the public sector. Luther is a law firm with a business approach: their innovative awareness aspires them to provide their clients with customised legal advice that addresses individual needs and delivers the greatest possible economic benefit. All of Luther’s lawyers and tax advisers have a solid understanding of interdisciplinary matters and a wealth of experience in collaborating on complex tasks. Luther was named “Law Firm of the Year 2019” by the German legal publisher JUVE. Further information is available at:

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